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Core Values/Our Promise

Welcome to SobelCo, a certified public accounting and consulting firm built in 1956 with a vision for embracing change.

It is this vision for anticipating a constantly evolving landscape that has set SobelCo on a distinctive path. From the beginning we recognized the crucial role we play for clients by combining critical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, industry acumen and technical skills with a sincere concern for their success. 

Our people, our services and our attitude reflect our unique multi-disciplinary approach.  Like all firms, we take pride in our audit, accounting and tax practice, but it is what we do beyond the accounting and tax aspects that demonstrate our relentless dedication to making a difference for our clients.

So what does all this mean to you?     

We believe that the future is now. Every industry is facing the disruptive challenges of technology – from robots in warehouses to driverless trucks – from online shopping to online news. Our clients are better served because they have access to a wide range of professionals, whether they are CPAs, CFEs, economists or PhDs, who leverage industry expertise and specific skills on the client’s behalf.

We are proud that we have never stepped back from our original vision and we are confident that our clients gain real value as we continue to differentiate our team of service providers to deliver exactly what organizations need most today and tomorrow.       

We are proud to invite you to learn more about our firm, our people, our culture, and most of all, our commitment to our staff and our clients.

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Our Core Values

During the course of our strategic planning, the firm spent a considerable amount of time identifying those special values that are the very life blood of SobelCo.

At the end of the exercise, we concluded that the values that were most critical, were encompassed in the acronym, "ENCOURAGE" - which in itself was indicative of the attitude and philosophy of our Firm. Each of us not only expected to embrace these values for ourselves, but equally as important, we are expected to encourage each other to do so as well.

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