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The author of “Good to Great” determined that fifty years is the best benchmark on which to measure a company’s sustainability. By examining many companies across a range of industries, their research confirmed that if an organization survived for fifty years, it was truly ‘built to last.’

It was therefore with great pride that SobelCo celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Founded in East Orange in 1956, SobelCo was, from its earliest beginning, a firm built on principles such as integrity, honesty, reliability and responsiveness. While much has changed since then, much remains the same – including the strong adherence to a set of values that defines our firm and our culture.

We are proud of our legacy and, most importantly, of the impact we have had for over 60 years on the New Jersey business community. Here are some of our most significant milestones:

1956 - SobelCo founded by Bernard Sobel in East Orange, New Jersey, sharing offices with two attorneys

1957 - SobelCo hires its first staff person

1958 - SobelCo moves to its own office on Central Avenue in East Orange

1965 - SobelCo merges with the practice of Joe Reiss, CPA and moves to Newark

1968 - The firm returned to East Orange and was, at this time, the first firm to move from Newark

1980 - SobelCo is the first CPA firm to move from East Orange to Becker Farm in Roseland, New Jersey

1990 - Firm moves to present location in Livingston, New Jersey

1996 - Alan D. Sobel named Managing Member

1997 - SobelCo merges with the CPA firm Rosenzweig, Weissman & Rosenzweig from Edison, New Jersey

2000 - SobelCo merges with Cezar Katzman & Co. from West Orange, New Jersey

2002 - SobelCo launches its Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services Group

2004 - SobelCo joins PKF North America Network

2006 - SobelCo celebrates 50 years in New Jersey

2007 - SobelCo merges with former partners of Shachat & Simson, CPAs from Clark, New Jersey

2010 - SobelCo merges with M.I. Grossman Company, LLC from Union, New Jersey

2013 - SobelCo acquires Tinari Economics Group as a wholly owned subsidiary, Sobel Tinari Economics Group

2016 - SobelCo merges with Barry Thomashow & Associates

2016 - SobelCo celebrated 60 years in New Jersey

2018 - SobelCo merges with EAC Valuations, LLC to create  wholly owned subsidiary, Sobel Valuations, LLC

2019 - SobelCo merges with Weber, Shapiro & Company LLP from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey