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PKF International Services

PKF International (PKFI) is the tenth largest network of accounting and business advisory firms with more than 300 member and correspondent firms in approximately 125 countries.

As a PKFI member firm, Sobel & Co. provides clients with high quality service focusing on their specific international needs. We collaborate within the international network to give the best, most efficient advice and support - anywhere in the world.

How We Help

Through the PKFI network of 177 firms worldwide, we are able to introduce U.S. clients to well respected professionals on the ground in every country on every continent who offer practical advice from a uniquely local perspective. They understand local traditions, rules, potential pitfalls, and written and unwritten policies. Their helpful insights regarding appropriate behavior brings a level of comfort and confidence to our clients and helps smooth the integration process for them.

Whether out-bound or in-bound, what this mean is that business owners and decision makers are able to work with Sobel & Co., enjoying all the advantages associated with a well-known regional firm with seamless access to the wide array of sophisticated resources that are more typically expected from a national or international firm.

For middle market, closely-held business leaders who want to increase their success by reaching additional audiences abroad or for larger, international companies who want to put down new roots in the United States, we  are the right choice in any circumstance.

Because of our membership in PKFI, Sobel & Co. clients truly enjoy the best of both worlds, from global to local connections.