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Pension & Benefit Articles

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Liz Harper, CPASobelCo
It is well known that employees bring their deep fears regarding a lack of personal financial well-being to the workplace, thereby generating tension...
Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Member of the Frim
Director, Employee Benefit Plan Audit Practice
Does your Retirement Plan name a Plan Administrator?All too often business owners of both large and small companies don’t realize that if their...
Liz Harper, CPA
Sobel & Co.
For those employees who find themselves experiencing an unexpected major financial hardship, there is good news on three fronts that will help lessen...
Diane Goldman, Vice President
Commercial & Personal Insurance, Employee Benefits
New Agency Partners, LLC
If you have children, no doubt you’re concerned about the cost of a college education. Attending a college or university is more expensive than it’s...
Ken Bagner, CPA, MST, CGMA – Member of the Firm
Elizabeth Harper, CPA – Member of the Firm
 It is important to note that many of the dollar limits for retirement planning are changing in 2018. Here are some details for you:  The...
Robyn McNair ERISA Department Manager Colonial Surety Company Liz Harper Member of the Firm Director of Employee Benefit Plans Audit Group Sobel & Co.
 The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law, governed by the Department of Labor (DOL), that sets standards...
Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Sobel & Co.
If you are a plan sponsor it is important for you to know that there are some new regulations regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...
By Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Ken Bagner, CPA, MST, CGMA
Sobel & Co.’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice is sending you this summary of recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changes and proposed changes as...
By: Liz Harper
Member of the Firm
Quality Control
Employee Benefit Plan Audits, Sobel & Co.
Have you ever wondered if you are a plan fiduciary – or what risk you may face because of your role as a plan fiduciary?If you have not thought about...
By Liz Harper, CPA, Director of Quality Control, Sobel & Co., LLC
 On April 6, 2016 the Department of Labor (DOL) chose the Washington D.C. based nonpartisan think tank, Center for American Progress, to unveil...