When the pandemic known as COVID-19 began disrupting lives in New Jersey, it had an immediate and powerful impact on the nonprofit community. Those organizations that are always on the front lines, providing support for the most vulnerable populations, were hard hit.

Any significant disruption to the delivery of essential services was not an option!

Food banks had to recreate delivery options to ensure those dealing with hunger continued to have access to food; mental health providers had to find ways to reach their clients within the state’s guidelines of shelter in place; they had to find ways to keep those who live in abusive environments safe from harm; the elderly needed to be cared for; preschool and special education teachers had to interact with their students remotely and the homeless needed a safe haven. The list is endless. And yet these organizations and their leaders quickly adapted to the circumstances. With little time to react, the state’s nonprofits quickly sought out innovative and flexible solutions to ensure the populations they serve were not abandoned.

That was just the beginning of the crisis.  As the state’s approach began to work and the numbers of cases and deaths started to drop, the rules loosened up. Now a new challenge is facing these nonprofits: how to implement change and follow the rules so that they can safely re-open their sites.

The Center for Non-Profits has published a complete guide addressing all of the most critical issues facing these organizations as they work to embrace new behaviors in this newly re-shaped world. 

On their website they have posted a PDF that can be downloaded entitled “Going Forward: Best Practices and Considerations for Non-Profit Reopening.” This complete manual includes insights on the aspects that should be referenced regarding reopening, including adopting phased re-engagement, understanding readiness essentials, workplace preparedness, personal responsibilities, establishing essential protocols, and the roles of the board, staff and volunteers along with other human resource considerations.

Visit the Center for Non-Profit website for a wide range of resources at www.njnonprofits.org. Or click the link here to download your copy: https://www.njnonprofits.org/GoingForwardReopeningGuideForNonProfits_May2020.pdf