The Share & Care Foundation is in the spotlight this month! At SobelCo we are very proud of the nonprofits we work with, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to tell their story.

Helping Those at the Bottom of the Ladder

The Share & Care Foundation is the result of passionate founders who were highly motivated to improve life in rural India. This is no easy task, but from the beginning they were, and still are, committed to connecting a vast network of educational, health care, disaster relief/crisis recovery and women empowerment programs. Their efforts have paid off as the integrated programs address both critical crisis and ongoing situations more effectively than they did when they worked independently of each other.

Programs That Bring Change

A series of signature programs defines and shapes their most essential efforts, from providing a high school and college education to brilliant but economically challenged students to providing a safe space for victims of violence, discrimination and injustice to micro loans to practical career training to health care initiatives.

This organization is successfully making change happen from the grass roots level. Rather than talking about essential programs, they are empowering rural India and executing the changes that need to be made.

A Mission and a Vision

This hands-on approach is a reflection of their mission which reads, “To create opportunities for deserving, economically challenged women and children of India by partnering with communities, philanthropists and local charitable organizations. Such opportunities include developing and providing quality education, affordable healthcare and supporting skill development to improve the quality of life in rural India.  

They have proved that their vision is attainable because they have based it on a grass roots philosophy. They roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to change these lives, including delivering powdered milk to aid good nutrition, developing a youth wellness camp, and building indoor toilets.  “We believe that the world is interconnected and it is our social responsibility to help one another, particularly those who are at the bottom of the ladder. This requires innovation, creativity and an open space for people to learn and share. Our vision is to help reduce poverty and improve the quality for life in rural India one family at a time.”    

The Ultimate Goal  

With the help and support of a growing group of volunteer professionals from across every industry, the Foundation aims to create self-reliant communities in rural India within a three to five year time frame.  They do this by applying a holistic approach that combines all the elements that lead to community sustainability, such as education and training, a solid infrastructure, including healthcare, and encouraging an inspired community to take the steps necessary to turn their lives around.

For more information, to volunteer, or to help support the Share & Care Foundation, please visit their website at