After hearing about the newly emerging trends for food and beverage for 2021, I wanted to reflect on the most current changes that are taking place in the industry. One new opportunity that has risen to the top of the list targets healthier eating habits.

In fact, most of my reading emphasized the fact that many companies have launched, or are preparing to launch, food and beverage products with health and immunity boosting ingredients. 

This movement clearly demonstrates the strong impact of COVID on our food choices, and most especially on our commitment to eating foods that improve our immune systems. This trend is certain to continue to grow in the years ahead as COVID, or other evolving viruses, successfully attack those of us with compromised immune systems. In fact, research from ingredients giant Archer Daniels Midland (“ADM”) shows that consumers spent most of last year trying to stay healthy, which included their food choices. 

Kara Nielsen, Director of Food & Drink at WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, stated, “A lot of companies will be jumping on this immunity bandwagon.” And for good reason published reports confirm that production of immunity enhancing ingredients is a key theme for 2021 and beyond.  The types of foods that are being promoted as supportive of a healthy immune system include elderberries, probiotics, and turmeric. 

During 2021, immunity boosting products such as these and many more enjoyed a bump in sales and additional companies are quickly expanding their product lines. The movement is across all food sectors. From orange juice to yogurt, food that has a positive effect on immune systems are gaining all the attention. Companies, like Chobani, for example, announced that they are creating a line that highlights probiotics while at the same time noting they are decreasing unhealthy additives, such as sugar while Uncle Matt’s rolled out the Ultimate Immune Orange Juice beverage. 

Consumers now more than ever want to know more about the food they eat and the added benefits the food provides. We will keep our eyes on this trend and others that surface as the year goes on. 

Dave Capodanno is a Member of the Firm at SobelCo who has a depth of experience in sectors that include manufacturing and distribution, food and beverage, logistics, real estate and insurance brokers, along with his specialized expertise in film production incentives. His goal is to consistently provide excellent client service tailored to each company’s needs, while taking into account the unique challenges and opportunities of closely-held businesses.