Dynamic, innovative companies do not become successful by happenstance.  Rather, consistent success comes to those businesses that embrace change, that nurture a culture that challenges the status quo, and that identifies employees who have a burning desire to always be their best.

That is the key lesson learned by CMS Technology’s President & CEO John Meccia over the years as he has guided the company since its inception.  With many well-regarded and well-established competitors in the sector, John had to find a competitive edge in order to advance the distinctive CMS Technology food safety concept. With a decades-long background in the chemical industry, he knew that he could grow a business and make a difference - if he focused on his people and his customers, creating top quality processes that would lead to high performance for the end user.

With a laser-like focus on creating value for the customers, CMS Technology was founded on the premise of doing things that had never been done before, finding new applications for existing technologies, drawing on technologies from different sectors and remaining open minded to make new, unique connections that may not always be obvious.

That’s a tall order. But in this company, the leadership team takes seriously its responsibility for sparking innovation and encouraging creative thoughts. As a result, they have produced exciting options that have been game changers. This was the case when they came upon the idea to “use food to protect food,“ optimizing a process to have a better outcome.  Being a ‘practical idealist’ opens the door for new ideas to flourish. This might mean combining uncontrolled mechanisms with stable items – or enabling an employee who has had previous experience working with adhesives to find a way to apply that knowledge in an unexpected manner, such as in managing the stickiness of bacteria.  The connection between an employee drawing on a history working with adhesives and combining it with a new way of controlling bacteria might have been missed elsewhere, but not at CMS.    

CMS Technology has an entrepreneurial spirit that supports faster, more dynamic decision making while learning from mistakes, making adjustments and quickly solving complex problems in real time.  Instead of fixating on the errors that will commonly arise in a fast paced environment, they try instead to figure out what caused the problem, fix it and move on. To work well, this requires a dedicated team that is open, honest and transparent.  And that is what CMS is all about.

The innovative attitude comes directly from the tone at the top at CMS Technology.  The genuine commitment to people, process and performance is not a slogan or a credo to be framed and hung on the wall. Rather it is a way of life, embedded in the hearts and minds of the team – and one that ensures a continuous flow of exciting ideas that makes a difference for the people they serve.