Debbie Aberts’ plan to become a Park Ranger after graduating from college took a slight detour when she made the decision to stay closer to home.  In order to do that, she would need to get her own apartment – and that, of course, meant finding a job and generating a salary.  She began the journey by approaching a “temp” agency with the hopes of being placed in an interesting role in the business community. Her first opportunity was a three-month long project at EAC. That was 35 years ago, and she has been there ever since!

After she completed that first engagement, she was invited to come on board to EAC (formerly known as Enterprise Appraisal Company) as a full-time employee, and she has flourished in that role ever since.

Her current roll as Production Manager requires her to know the entire process from writing proposals, proof-reading and organizing reports, talking to the clients, to maintaining the production logs, invoicing and collecting the monies.

While she began her career at EAC in an administrative capacity, typing (yes, on a typewriter!) handwritten reports for the valuation experts, it became obvious very quickly that her growing knowledge in the various disciplines (RE, M&E, IA & BV) enabled her to have a strong impact on the firm’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Deb ensures that the product (reports) EAC sends out to the client is best in class, looks professional, and reflects the appraiser's professional work in the best possible light. Working closely with the appraisers, applying her insights and proof-reading competency to her role in assembling reports and initiating formal proposals, has made a real positive impact on the workflow in the firm.  

In addition to the traditional back office tasks, such as accounts receivable invoicing, billings, maintaining the supplies inventory and being the first voice of the firm when clients call, her technical competencies serve her well and make the job much more challenging and rewarding.  When she reads a report, she is able to help the appraiser be more effective because she sees it through the eyes on the client. As a result, she cuts through the technical jargon to emphasize the key components in the document.  By now she has a ‘sixth’ sense that enables her to offer a fresh perspective.

Many years ago she grew to be good friends with one of her co-workers, she went to her co-worker’s parent’s house to pick her up and go out when she met her future and current husband of 32 years, her co-worker’s brother. Their first date was the EAC company holiday party.  At the time, no one expected the introduction would turn into a life-long partnership! But many family members have worked at EAC over the years, many making it their home-away-from-home for decades, including Debbie’s twin sister who herself was on staff for over 15 years.

The unique clients and the variety of engagements have made the job interesting for over three decades, but it is the family atmosphere and warm, caring culture that is most important to Debbie.