As a part of our series of Forensic and Valuation employee spotlights, this month we are introducing you to Valerie Carroll.

Valerie has traveled an interesting career path on her journey to SobelCo where she serves as the administrator in the firm's forensic and valuation practice.  She began after graduating from Montclair State. Armed with a B.A in fine arts she decided to follow her dream of working in New York City. As a young girl her dad would take her to his office in the city, and even then she always loved the energy and excitement that the city generates 24 hours a day.  She did pursue a career, starting with a position in personnel and moving on to marketing where her arts skills were an important asset. In the years before the internet appeared and all the easily available technology tools we have at our fingertips today were nonexistent, Valerie worked in marketing for a highly confidential venture within the cable industry that developed interactive electronic home shopping for a major communications company.  Unfortunately the venture never got off the ground and once again she found herself interviewing for another exciting position with Jack Dreyfus – a true pioneer in finance.  She got the job and began working as a project coordinator at his not-for-profit medical foundation which he established to research the benefits of a well-known drug for its broader uses.  Both positions were great opportunities in very different and exciting fields which offered Valerie the chance to use her creative skills.

She temporarily ‘retired’ in order to devote time to raising her two daughters, but then ultimately returned to the work force.  Valerie understood the power of networking and so she reached out to friends to alert them that she was interested in transitioning to a new job. One of her colleagues mentioned SobelCo. Timing is everything! Just when Valerie was ready to seek new employment, the firm was preparing to expand its growing Forensic Practice. The job description for an administrator who could juggle a wide range of tasks and keep all the moving parts flowing smoothly was the perfect fit for Valerie.

Today, nine years later, she continues to thrive in the position, adding new tasks and seamlessly juggling a variety of responsibilities. Valerie manages everything from the firm’s CPE efforts, including integrating a new CPE platform, to managing the group’s monthly newsletter, Points of Fact, to organizing and helping to create all of the collateral materials that help to market and brand the forensic and valuation specialists. Her role continues to grow in diverse ways. Sometime she is the friendly welcoming voice answering the phone and sometimes she is the one catering meals for our staff during tax season. Everyone waits for her special way of announcing dinner is ready each evening when she says, “Dinner is served. Bon Appetit!” The enthusiasm she brings to each task and her pleasant and warm-hearted manner enhances every aspect of the job, from the most complicated to the simplest projects.

When Valerie is not in the office she is most likely at home in Rockaway, New Jersey with her husband Tom, talking together on the phone with their daughters – catching up on the activities of the day. With one daughter living in Los Angeles pursuing a career in television and writing and another daughter working in finance in New York (does that sound familiar!), there is a lot going on!   

Valerie has been able to integrate much of her knowledge and artistic attitude into many of her initiatives at SobelCo! We appreciate all her contributions to the Forensic and Valuations Practice.