Sobel & Co. is proud to present this case study demonstrating how a local manufacturing company leveraged National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) certification to gain greater efficiencies and greater competencies, resulting in greater profitability.

Here is their story:

The Company Profile

Paramount Plating Co. Inc., which is now Paramount Metal Finishing Company Inc., was established in 1958.  It remains a job shop in the aerospace, military, industrial, medical component and telecom industries supply chain. This privately-held company, located in a 75,000 square ft. facility in Linden New Jersey, finishes / coats parts for these important industries.

Most of Paramount’s customers operate within a 175 mile radius of the plant, choosing the ISO 9001- 2008 certified company to meet their needs because of its reputation for quality products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Paramount is confident that their business is driven by quality and service.  As well as by providing innovative manufacturing processes and capabilities that have separated them from the competition.  Their well-deserved status as leaders in the industry has brought them such major projects as painting projectiles for the Abrams tank, coating connectors for the communication industry, and coating housings for the cable TV industry.

The Situation

Like many closely-held, mid-sized companies, Paramount experiences periods of revenue peaks and valleys due to product trends and business cyclicality.  Therefore the key to the Company’s profitable growth in the future is taking advantage of its quality culture. Paramount chose to do this by achieving the difficult to obtain Nadacap certification.  Achieving this certification would expand Paramount’s markets.  As the company would now have the ability to quote on projects that they previously lost because they did not carry this certification.

The Solution

Knowing they needed to achieve Nadcap certification, Paramount Metal Finishing Company contracted with New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP) to help them. NJMEP began by explaining the requirements needed to achieve certification. They also explained that a New Jersey Department of Labor Skills4Jersey grant would help reduce costs for the certification process. As a small company without deep pockets, Paramount agreed that applying for financial assistance would enable the certification training to move forward more quickly. NJMEP then laid out the training plan, assisted in submitting the application and, once approved, brought in a qualified trainer to implement the training plan.  In addition NJMEP staff helped manage the grant administration to reduce the burden on Paramount.

20 Paramount employees received training in the procedures and documentation requirements for Nadcap Certification by providing two courses:

  • Quality Control Technology/Review of Nadcap Accreditation Requirements
  • ISO Quality Systems/NADCAP Certification Training

The Results

As a result of the NADCAP Certification Training, Paramount Metal Finishing Company Inc. reported these exciting outcomes:

  • New sales of $250,000
  • Investing $40,000 in workforce training (which a Skills4Jersey Grant partially funded, that resulted in a $30,000 cost savings)
  • Four new employees hired

The training helped Paramount reach their goal of continuously developing the competencies and skills of all employees so that they can contribute to the success of the organization.

In addition, the Nadcap certification has enabled Paramount to expand its market.  Which put the company in a select group of Nadcap certified metal finishers that can now participate in tenders that are restricted to Nadcap certified-only bidders for work outside the aerospace industry where Nadcap certification is a requirement of eligibility.