Manufacturing is at the core of local, national and global economies. That is why in 2012 the first national Manufacturing Day was specifically created to celebrate and support those in the manufacturing sector, as well as to demonstrate appreciation for all those who make the products that are essential to our lives.

Dedicating a day every year to acknowledge the impact of manufacturing provided the industry with the opportunity to remind the public of the important role manufacturers’ play - and at the same time – enabled them to build awareness for the growing skill shortage.

Speaking of shortages, in the next ten years there are expected to be as many as 3.5 million job openings in manufacturing, fueled by a growing gap in skilled employees. As a result, the ultimate goal of the day is to help manufacturers build a steady pipeline of qualified and diversified manufacturing talent in order to begin the process of supporting local economies for decades to come.

By establishing Manufacturing Day as a way of formally recognizing the manufacturing sector’s successes, the industry leaders are able to change the perception of careers in manufacturing to better reflect its well-earned status as one of the most advanced, high-tech industries in the country. But the purpose is two-fold as the day also offers a platform for business owners and influencers to advocate for the education and job training policies that strengthen the U.S. manufacturing workforce.

The observance of New Jersey National Manufacturing Day on October 2, 2020 enables the New Jersey Manufacturers Extension Program (NJMEP) to promote the benefits of local manufacturers.

While “Made in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day” will be 100% virtual this year, nonetheless it will be the largest networking event of its kind for the New Jersey manufacturing industry. As John Kennedy, CEO of NJMEP, reminds us, “We are proud that our hard work and all our efforts have paid off as we present this annual event in a way that will efficiently and effectively bring together over 800 people and 500+ companies.”

 We invite you to visit the NJMEP website and register now. Please join SobelCo on October 2, 2020  and meet the leaders in our state’s business and government sectors as you develop relationships that will help you drive business forward. We look forward to “seeing” you at the event as we return as sponsors for this powerful day. Just click this link to register: