This company was founded in1994 with the goal of providing the highest quality commercial and heavy commercial window and door systems for all building types. When entrepreneur John Zoetjes returned from serving as a combat engineer in the army, he set about launching American Architectural Window & Door because he understood the valuable role that windows and doors play in any building – multi-family, residential, commercial and new construction. He wanted to contribute to enhancing the buildings we work and live in – and to do that with style and grace.

The history of windows and doors.

Although no one has been acknowledged as the inventor of glass windows, it is believed that they first appeared in Alexandria during the reign of the Roman Empire. No matter who came up with the clever idea of windows and doors, even from the earliest times, they have contributed to the exterior aesthetics of a building as well as creating bright and welcoming interior spaces. In the beginning most windows were made with wood frames, but given the prevalence of fires and the emergence of new, lighter materials, steel and aluminum frames quickly grew in popularity. This was spurred on by their resistance to fire and flexibility.

Today we appreciate windows for the comfort, security and energy efficiency they provide.

How does American Architectural Window and Door differentiate itself?

Over the last twenty-five years the company leaders have gained a depth of expertise with all types of window and door installations in specialty areas such as curtain and window walls, storefront systems, sound reducing windows, fire-rated windows and aluminum and fenestration products as well as with the unique circumstances around landmark and historical windows.

It is more than windows and doors!

In order to remain relevant and at the cutting edge of the profession, American Architectural has incorporated additional areas of expertise, such as architectural metal cladding and custom air conditioning sleeves, into their repertoire. Their seasoned designers work with perforated metal patterns and profile bar to achieve every customers’ goals. By doing so they can ensure that every facet of the building remains stylish, attractive, as well as functional – even the typically unsightly air conditioning sleeves that often draw negative attention.

Their decades of hands-on experience in such a wide range of situations is a distinguishing factor in a business that could be viewed as offering a commodity product.

Because a commodity is defined as "a product or service that is interchangeable with others of the same type," it is clear that to be distinctive this company had to provide an experience that is not the same as any other.

Instead, extraordinary service and a client-centric focus on building and maintaining long term relationships are at the foundation of the organization. Property owners, property managers, architects, and engineers appreciate great window products but it is their familiarity with the industry, their consistent dependability, and their strong values that stand out as unparalleled.

As a result of his vision, John has established a multi-state company doing business along the east coast in eight states including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

They proudly say that clients count on them for not only ensuring the best product, but also for their exceptional service. This includes integrating a range of options, such as

  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Project Engineering
  • Supply and Budget Management
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Quality Control Review and Installation
  • Service and Repair

Through the implementation of this one-stop-shop approach, the needs of each client are seamlessly addressed from the beginning to the end of the engagement.

Giving back matters too.

Headquartered in Sparta, New Jersey this family-owned company has maintained a strong leadership role in the windows and doors industry, well-known for their service, engineering, sales and installation, and replacement of a wide range of products that promote well-designed, appealing exteriors and interiors.

But as importantly they are known for their commitment to the community as well. For example, with the support and assistance of American Architectural, in collaboration with the Electronic Access Foundation, the JAHMA Foundation of New Jersey was able to make computers available to scholarship recipients who were eligible college students living in affordable NJ housing communities.

Key players who made these donations possible included Greg Campbell of Electronic Access Foundation (, John Zoetjes, President of American Architectural Window & Door (AAWD) (, and Dr. Bruce W. Johnson of the JAHMA Foundation ( Johnson, who works with the Foundation’s scholarship program to secure qualified applicants and determine the award recipients said, “We are very excited to partner with Electronic Access Foundation and AAWD to be able to add the gift of a computer to the students.”

John Zoetjes was pleased to become a Corporate Sponsor of the program and explains, "I was raised in the Hoboken projects and have always been sensitive to the needs of others. It feels good to be able to give back to the affordable housing segment of the multi-family housing industry that has supported American Architectural Window & Door for more than 25 years. I believe that our sponsorship, along with the services provided by Electronic Access Foundation, will enable us to distribute more computers to eligible students in the future. In addition, we’re looking back at several affordable housing communities that we have worked with recently on window replacement projects to see if we can help provide computer labs or “Windows of Opportunity” in their community rooms. We’d love to establish one per month through the end of this year and into 2019.”

For more information please visit the American Architectural Window & Door Inc. website.