In 2013, a Board member of Partners for Women and Justice (“Partners”) approached Sally Glick to ask if she knew a CPA who might be interested in joining the organization’s Board to take on the job of Treasurer as the current Treasurer was preparing to step down. Sally suggested Rebecca Fitzhugh, confident it would be a perfect fit.

As a Member of the Firm at SobelCo, Rebecca (Becky) holds many designations, such as CPA/CFF, CFE, MBA, CIT, CIGA, all of which demonstrate the wide array of competencies and skills she has acquired which enable her to add considerable value in her role in the firm’s Forensic Accounting/ Litigation Services Group. As a leader in the forensic practice, Becky guides the team in providing assistance in a range of areas from forensic and investigative accounting to litigation support services to regulatory compliance to integrity monitorships.  It was her familiarity in these core fields, and her many significant relationships with local attorneys, that further helped to pave the way for her commitments to Partners. 

Following Sally’s suggestion, the Partner’s Board approached Becky, asking her to join them and serve as Treasurer. She accepted their request, recognizing that the organization’s mission and vision aligned closely with her own empathetic style and her sense of moral justice.

She was immediately inspired by the founding principles of Partners for Women and Justice and their efforts to empower low-income survivors of domestic violence to build safe and secure futures for themselves and their children by providing equal access to justice.  She was motivated to join the Board and help them succeed in their goal of providing free legal assistance programs that focused on family court proceedings involving restraining orders, child and spousal support, visitation and custody.  She quickly learned that these programs run the gamut from extensive advice and counsel to assistance with preparation of court papers to representation by pro bono attorneys or by a Partners’ staff attorney.  The more she discovered, the more convinced Becky became that she wanted to be involved in a group that helped victims of domestic violence break free from their abusers and live safely without fear.

During her tenure on the Board of Partners, Becky has continued to serve as the Treasurer, which was the original goal the group had presented to her. In this role, she has also served as a member of the Board’s Executive Committee and the Finance Committee. Additionally, she co-chaired Partner’s Transition and Search Committees when the founding Executive Director retired, necessitating the process of identifying a successor.

Throughout the last seven years, Becky has shown an appreciation for the group’s incredibly talented and dedicated staff, volunteers, and board members who all make such a positive impact on victims of domestic violence and their families, helping them emerge from harrowing situations into safe, productive lives.

Her firsthand experiences and her ability to assume great responsibility at Partners has led to her being elected as Board Chair, commencing in January 2021.  While eager to take on the task, Becky is practical and realistic about the challenges that lay ahead. She is keenly aware that fundraising is a major key to sustainable success, as it is with all nonprofits. They must raise awareness and revenue in order to ensure they will have the funds needed to provide - and expand - their services.

2020 was an especially tough time for everyone. The pandemic has increased the danger of domestic violence and made things difficult with respect to court proceedings for their clients. As a result, many of their advocacy efforts have focused on helping the courts recognize how domestic violence victims are being impacted, and what changes they can implement to make it safer for them to get help.

As her term begins, Becky will juggle the traditional concerns facing all nonprofit leaders along with the unprecedented obstacles created by the Covid-19 crisis. But looking to the future, Becky is excited about the profound, new opportunities including a focus on diversification of the Board and their funding sources.

Congratulations to Becky, and to Partners for Women and Justice. We are so proud of our friend and colleague - and we are thrilled that she will have the opportunity to continue making such a positive impact on the community served by Partners.