Protecting the safety and productivity of your workforce is critical for both employer and employee.  Compliance with required OSHA or other safety training, including Sexual Harassment Prevention across your entire company can be extremely difficult.  Especially when all employees do not possess enough English language ability to understand complex training in English or may not have literacy skills in their own language to benefit from written translations.  Errors, accidents, and misunderstandings can flourish.  Fines, penalties, and litigation can follow. 

Is your company at risk?  

Did You Know This:

  • Workers are not protected if they don’t have proper equipment or know how to use it. 
  • A company is not protected from the high cost of worker injury or litigation if authorized safety or harassment prevention training is only delivered to the employees who understand English.
  • Supervisory personnel from all backgrounds must have the skills to manage and protect workers and keep them in compliance with all regulations.
  • Supervisors or team leaders who do not speak English need management skills training they can understand both literally and culturally to be effective in their jobs.





Consider these Solutions!  

  • Authorized OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour, Sexual Harassment Prevention, or Supervisory Skills training at YOUR location (English OR Spanish) in full compliance with all legal and employer requirements.
  • OSHA Outreach 10 or 30-hour course provides government mandated awareness training to recognize, avoid, and prevent workplace hazards. 
  • Bilingual Supervisory Skills training assures that both new and experienced supervisors have the tools and skills they need to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.
  • Interactive, hands-on training by bilingual instructors assures that every worker fully understands how to stay safe and that every manager knows how to lead effectively, discipline workers, build effective teams and reduce down time, injury, and litigation.




The Benefits

  • Protect current and future employees.
  • Reduce risk to your company resulting from compromises in safety procedures, poor leadership and management, and ineffective leadership in the workplace for ALL current and future workers, supervisors, and the companies that employ them. 
  • Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance.