Nearly four decades of community commitment are evident

Since 1981, this Trenton-based nonprofit has been serving the community by nurturing families to become self-reliant and helping them to build healthy, sustainable communities.

Under the leadership of Founder, President and CEO Martin Johnson and Board Chair Michele Minter, this 37 year old organization continues to follow its mission of revitalizing communities.  The Isles team is certainly not hands-off, but rather works side-by-side with area residents to recreate their neighborhoods and work toward developing energy-efficient, affordable and healthy homes, parks, gardens and more.  They accomplish this through training and education, both in community planning and in wealth management, with a goal to achieving total self-reliance.  Whether this is reflected in job readiness, overcoming debt, tending a garden or taking over and rehabilitating abandoned buildings, all are addressed by the optimism and efforts of the Isles team.  

What are the obstacles to creating a better, safer and more robust Trenton?

There is much work ahead for this Trenton-centric nonprofit.  When dire statistics indicate that less than 50% of students graduate from high school, it is easy to understand what a huge challenge they face.  The only solution is to break the cycle of poverty through education. That’s why Isles launched educational instruction and construction programs that provide essential vocational training and life skills support.  This is step one to starting a new and sustainable life style. Beginning with altering the face of the communities, Isles coaches the community members and stakeholders on how to manage development projects from the ground up as well as managing their own financial security.  Once the cycle is broken, life offers increasing hope while the incidence of criminal activity dramatically decrease.

The collaborative efforts between volunteers, board and staff along with funders, community groups and public officials and their sincere dedication helps to ensure sustainable success for the citizens of Trenton.

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