“Recovery is about so much more than just not using drugs and alcohol. It effects every area of your life.”

With this powerful message as its guiding principal, Prevention Links, a private, nonprofit organization located in Roselle, New Jersey, has gained well-deserved recognition. With a tag line that reads, “Foster, Empower, Sustain” as its guide, this organization quickly demonstrates how proud it is of its role as a leader in the prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and related issues. 

The organization accomplishes this challenge by focusing on identifying and enhancing existing strengths within the individual, family, school, and work setting to serve as the first and most valuable resource in sustainable revitalization of all types of communities.

But how is community defined?

For the staff and volunteers at Prevention Links, a community is any environment where people live, work, or learn. Drawing on those basic parameters, the goal of Prevention Links is to pull together all available resources in order to eliminate the deleterious effects of drugs, alcohol, violence, and inadequate educational and health institutions in every community.

Collaborative programs are the best approach

At Prevention Links they implement a range of services and training programs to best serve their clients. Their Recovery Center addresses youth and family challenges; their Community Prevention Program includes a Health and Wellness Coalition and a Resource Center; their Family Wellness Division supports the Bayway Family Success Center, the Roselle Family Success Center and their Parenting Program; and their Academic and Recovery Group targets Elementary Schools, Middle and High Schools and Recovery High Schools.

This multi-prong approach embraces evidence-based strategies, practices and programs that are outcome-based and empower all segments of a community to be actively engaged in changing their environments. Leveraging the dedication and integration of community members through this nonprofit, local residents, neighbors and friends come together to assume responsibilities and serve as mentors and decision makers, enabling families to gain problem solving skills from people who share similar cultural and ethnic identities. These tight bonds and sincere dedication to each other, rooted in the “It Takes a Village Philosophy,” is at the heart of the program’s success. 

New models bring new levels of hope. New approaches bring new levels of success. New services administered locally bring new levels of collaboration and coordination to foster a drug free lifestyle.

The Mission Statement says it all

There is no need for elaborate and complicated language when describing what Prevention Links is accomplishing.  In a nutshell, Prevention Links mission is to ‘foster, healthy, sustainable communities by empowering people through education, collaboration and linkages to resources.’

Their vision is clear and their plan is structured and sustainable. The foundation is upheld by a range of pillars that include:

  • Recovery planning
  • Mentorship
  • Fun in recovery
  • Support meetings
  • Educational workshops
  • Sober intramural sports
  • Family support referrals and case management 

Through education, through mentoring and positive attitudes, through grass roots support, and through strong family ties, each client learns how to stay clean and sober – how to build a valuable life – how to contribute to society.  We are proud of Prevention Links and their hard work to help people thrive.

To learn more please visit their website at preventionlinks.org