The word ‘innovation’ is frequently used in the corporate world when discussing high profile companies but what exactly does that mean? Some say that innovation is a novel or unorthodox business approach that results in producing game-changing products and services, reaching new markets, or putting forth new and unorthodox concepts. This is just what Corsis has done.

Since 2013, Corsis has demonstrated its own innovative approach to measure technology operations, standing out as a leader in technology, compliance and due diligence assessments.

Much like a credit score, Corsis scores technology operations for risk and compliance. Its application has revolutionized the way companies evaluate their technology operations, assess risk and make investment decisions. The development of a robust suite of IP has accelerated Corsis’s growth. 2017 was a break out year for the company. Marked by a 100% increase in assessment revenue YoY, Corsis launched a series of new strategic partnerships aimed at accelerating distribution to small-and middle-market technology companies.

A combination of an exceptional business model and superb product innovation has directly led to the increased rate of growth for Corsis. Their new and continually-improving SaaS offering has increased customer retention and provided steady, predictable revenue in between the larger-scale projects they continue to take on.

As a result of their rapid growth, the company has been named for the second time in 2018 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine. Only one in three companies have been on this prestigious list twice.

Their presence on an elite list of fastest growing private companies demonstrates the success of their innovative approach.

The distinctive Corsis SaaS platform replaces the need for traditional IT consulting by empowering business leaders with tools that provide an unprecedented level of actionable visibility into day-to-day IT operations, risk and compliance. Their unique scoring approach is based on a patent-pending business process that applies a proprietary algorithm called the Corsis Confidence IndexTM (CCI) to a custom-curated library of thousands of industry, regulatory and compliance best practices.

Corsis maps industry best practices and regulations like HIPAA, PCI, NIST, COPPA, SOC, ISO and HITRUST to day-to-day technology operations. The platform gives companies an objective, systematic tool for analyzing risk, establishing benchmarks, maximizing opportunities and measuring asset value using a powerful scoring methodology.

Additionally, Corsis continues to maintain a small in-house team of top tier, industry-leading consultants who are part of the product team and also deliver assessment services to clients that require an independent third-party provider. In this way, Corsis has positioned itself as an end-to-end solution provider for everything from day-to-day insights using its tools or high-level expertise on demand.

Corsis is the right choice in many different circumstances:

  • One common use for Corsis is as a part of the M&A pre-close evaluation process. Corsis’s newly automated methodology allows investment firms and corporate M&A teams to screen potential deals on a variety of factors related to technology and compliance operations.  
  • Secondly, Corsis is a key resource for investors who are looking for increased operational transparency. There is no other provider in the market offering this type of value to investors at scale.
  • Lastly, while there is significant focus on the investor and private equity space, Corsis tools are also valuable for companies looking for help in auditing existing operations, maintaining relevant industry compliance protocols and identifying security vulnerabilities. Insights from Corsis not only highlight strengths and weaknesses, but also provide remediation recommendations that, if acted upon, could be the difference between a company closing or losing a key client or investment.

Corsis strives to be a good corporate citizen

As a leading company in their market, the management team at Corsis believes in giving back and creating a positive impact in their communities. As such, they launched a program starting in the first quarter of 2018 with StartUp Health. StartUp Health is the creator of the Moonshot Academy, a leading accelerator program for global health IT startups that supports 200+ high-growth startups in their portfolio. The collaboration between Corsis and StartUp Health has increased each company’s overall preparedness for growth, accelerated their time-to-market and helped de-risk new tech innovations. Their strategic alliance will continue to drive critical breakthroughs in healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Congratulations for being named to the Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies!

We are proud to have Corsis as a client of our firm. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share their story with you, shining the spotlight on them as a leading New Jersey innovator, embracing and leading a constantly changing business community while managing their own explosive growth.