At SobelCo we are proud to have the opportunity to periodically spotlight a New Jersey manufacturing company and share its challenges and successes with you.

Our March 2020 spotlight is shining on Puratos Corp


We are proud to say that Pennsauken, New Jersey is the home of Puratos Corp’s U.S. Headquarters.  While maintaining a local presence in our state, the products and services offered by this prestigious company are available in over 100 countries around the world. In many cases Puratos taps into their network of local subsidiaries to assist with providing these goods and services.  Their list includes a full range of innovative products, raw materials and application expertise to the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. What a yummy repertoire! 

Founded in 1919 just outside of Brussels (Belgium), this global company is well- regarded for its goal of being ‘reliable partners in innovation,’ helping their customers around the world to deliver nutritious and tasty food to their communities.


For nearly a century the company has been recognized as a leader in their industry. But they wanted to ensure that they would always deserve their reputation as a reliable, innovative partner helping artisans, industrial manufacturers, supermarkets, and food service companies deliver healthy and delicious food in their local markets. In order to remain at the cutting edge, they recognized the importance of continuous learning and improvement. And that decision led them to seek out and participate in Six Sigma Greenbelt training at the suggestion of New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program Inc. (NJMEP). 


After meeting with the leaders as Puratos and listening to their goals, the experts at NJMEP determined that Six Sigma Training would be the most effective solution for this international organization.

The core concept at the heart of instituting a Six Sigma process is to first calculate how many defects are in a process and then systematically determine how to eliminate them while getting as close to "zero defects" as possible.  Six Sigma Green Belt training is successful when applied to specific project with a measureable Return on Investment (ROI). 

During the course of the training, members of Puratos’ supervisory, engineering, quality and training departments all participated in Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Using the first three Six Sigma tools (Define, Measure and Analyze), the team worked to identify and understand the root cause of a problem on the company's primary production line. Using the DMAIC tool, the team defined the problem and measured the loss. Implementing the tools from the training program they were able to analyze the root cause and then isolate the issue in order to start corrective actions toward improvement. Once these steps were completed, the team was able to implement new standardized systems which ultimately enabled them to control the challenge so it would not happen again.


Like other companies that have embarked on Six Sigma Greenbelt Training, Puratos Corp benefited greatly from NJMEP’s help, learning how to work better, cheaper and faster while at the same time improving quality.  As a result of the training and system changes introduced, key metrics emerged:

  • New Sales: $100,000
  • Retained Sales: $100,000  
  • Cost Savings: $200,000
  • Retained Employees: 2

This is a lesson that can be embraced by any manufacturer that is facing obstacles to efficiency and profitability.  To learn more about NJMEP, visit their site at

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