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Family Owned Business

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Red Flag Warnings to Protect Your Family Business Communications

Whenever you are on line you are instantly vulnerable to a wide variety of schemes.  In previous years perpetrators were less sophisticated but today they are continuously perfecting their approach and as a result it is becoming increasingly more difficult to identify the scams. All it takes is one click on a day when you are hurried or impatient, and your entire system will be compromised.

Be vigilant  

Family Business’ Organizational Charts Add Value

Wikipedia defines an organizational chart as “A diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.”

What is the purpose of an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is an excellent business tool. It is designed to:

The Power of an Advisory Board for a Family Owned Business

Family business owners have special responsibilities. Every day they are called on to act on behalf of their customers, their vendors and their communities. Most importantly, they have a responsibility to themselves and their successor generations.  They want to run an efficient and profitable business today. But they also want to promote their family name and reputation in a manner that will sustain a lasting legacy for tomorrow.  This forward looking dedication is unique to businesses that are family-owned.

A long term vision helps grow the company

Listen to your Clients

As business leaders accelerate the pace at which they seek ways to distinguish themselves and create a specialized niche for their services and products, they must work harder than ever to create a compelling message. 

Advisory Board for Small Businesses

Often the leaders of middle market, privately-held companies assume that advisory boards are limited to the corporate world.  But the reality is that many small to mid-size companies rely on advisory boards to bring them fresh perspectives and important insights. Family owned businesses are especially concerned about becoming too insular and so they turn to outside professionals for their business acumen and experiences.

How do you form an advisory board?