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Unemployment Fraud on the Rise as Jobless Claims Persist

The Labor Department’s latest jobless claims report showed that employees are still losing their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as another 1.5 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment this week. This is the thirteenth consecutive week that jobless claims have stayed above one million, and the 1.5 million number is higher than the 1.3 million jobless claims that economists had been anticipating.

Small Business Cybersecurity - How to Get Started

I was recently a panelist for a webinar on Cybersecurity and Fraud Vulnerability during COVID-19. Many audience members owned or worked for small businesses, and were overwhelmed by the scope and scale of the risks the panel discussed. They didn’t know where to even start the process of addressing such risks. They wondered how a small business should approach the management and mitigation of cybersecurity and fraud risks without the sophisticated systems and financial means of larger companies.

Paycheck Protection Program Fraud

The Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”), established by the CARES Act, is a Small Business Association (“SBA”) loan intended to help businesses with 500 or fewer employees keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis. Congress initially allocated $349 billion to the program in the first stimulus package, and added an additional $310 billion in April.

Protect Your Phone

The words “Cyber Attack” bring chills to everyone who has ever had to face the dreaded circumstances of having their systems compromised. Whether it is confidential financial data, social security numbers, or passwords, it strikes fear – and for good reason. A shut down along with a demand for ransom further complicates the situation.

But did you know it isn’t just your desk top or lap top that be hacked?

When a divorce takes place, it is much more than a legal matter.

The ending of a marriage, even under the most amicable circumstances, is fraught with deep emotional upheaval underscored by psychological pain and suffering.  When a marriage, which most likely began as one of life’s most hopeful and joyful occasions, is over, the finality of the situation can create havoc and sadness, as well as anger.

Family Matters Require Objectivity

As family law attorneys seek ways to help their clients conserve their resources and mitigate the stress of a potentially contentious situation regarding the dissolution of a marriage – one option is to have the attorneys for both parties consider engaging a joint neutral expert as this process is especially efficient in matrimonial litigation or shareholder disputes. 

Protect the Online Information For Your Children

It is time to seriously consider the risk that we all face from online fraud and personal identity theft. One option is eliminating or minimizing personal information from the Internet. This can deter an individual with malicious intent from obtaining valuable information and causing monetary loss.   

Personal data is easily accessible