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Golden Rules for Repêchage

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When I recently received a tour at the New Jersey manufacturing site of Repêchage, an internationally recognized skin care company, their Code of Conduct really struck a cord with me.   Prominently displayed in the lobby, these “Golden Rules” act as a guide for all the employees. They set the tone from the top down in this company, with founder Lydia Sarfati embracing these behaviors and setting an example for everyone else.

Here are the ten behaviors that are key to their Golden Rules that they believe are essential for guaranteeing an excellent customer experience at Repêchage:

  1. Be on time (Always).
  2. Always be in a great mood. (Fake it when necessary).
  3. Come to work prepared.
  4. Stay informed. (Read all memos and information).
  5. Gossip is not allowed.
  6. Hold each other accountable (24 hour rule).
  7. Resolve all personal challenges with love.
  8. Go to the decision maker with any apparent unsolvable challenges. Use the “Go In Asking” Rule.
  9. Be knowledgeable, literate and articulate.
  10. Always “look the part” of an impeccable professional.
  11. Be professional always.
  12. Do not get personally involved with clients.
  13. Personal lives remain personal.

While you can take each of these separately as important attitudes for business and personal success, the combined power of consistently adhering to all twelve make this such a powerful philosophy.

And yet I could not help but having a favorite among them.

Number two on the list - “Always be in a great mood", really stood out to me.  What struck me was the caveat, “Fake it when necessary".  All too often, as professionals and in our personal lives, we let our own attitude creep into our interactions with others. Sometimes we simply get up on the wrong side of the bed, or maybe we sit in exceptionally challenging traffic on our way to our jobs, or a rude co-worker or customer gives us a hard time.  Consequently, any of these things, and many more too numerous to mention, can quickly alter our behavior, putting us in a negative frame of mind.  The reason this is such an issue is that our poor behavior will consequently impact everyone around us – and they are most likely not to blame for our bad mood!

That’s why I was so impressed with the admonishment to “fake it when necessary".  What great advice! Succumbing to a bad mood or pessimistic attitude can only reinforce the feelings and discouraging behavior. However once you begin to fake a good mood, you ultimately start to feel better and the nastiness evaporates. Smiling at others, acting in a warm and welcoming manner, offering a well-deserved compliment or even helping someone who is struggling with an overwhelming project can lift your own spirits. Pretty soon the ‘faking’ becomes ‘reality’ and the black cloud dissipates.

I highly suggest that you, as a company leader, invest the time necessary and speak with your employees; ask them what Golden Rules they would like to see integrated into your own professional culture.  As a result you find out what they value.  And consequently can institute a process for encouraging this behavior throughout the entire organization.

At Sobel & Co., our Core Values spell out the word “Encourage” and we proudly display these around the office and on our website. We live by these words.  Furthermore we believe they influence our attitude and also form a foundation for a distinctive workplace environment.

What will your Golden Rules be? Let us know what conduct guides your employees!