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Interview with Brittany Woods, Marketing Administrator/Administrative Staff

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Some of the gender inequity experiences that have lingered with Brittany took place while she was in college in Baltimore. At the time she was pursuing an academic path that would result in a career in sports management. Many of the introductory courses covered generic topics and were mandated for a variety of courses of study, including nursing. Because of the popularity of the curriculum for those in additional fields like recreation, physical therapy and other similar studies, it was assumed by most of her classmates that Brittany was following a career journey into one of those options – perhaps nursing. As a result, and because she was one of just a handful of women enrolled, she was often overlooked for group projects. Her response was to work harder than ever to overcome the dismissive attitudes of her classmates and to demonstrate her value.

A key observation

Although her earliest experiences in college set the stage, she has continued to notice that women, because they are often recognized for their caring, empathetic, and nurturing approach, do not earn the lead roles in their professions. Instead, they are categorized as more supportive than authoritative as they progress along their journey. This is something that is starting to change but has deep historic roots in the corporate world.

Words of advice

Brittany has two important suggestions for today’s women today as well as for the next generation:

  1. Remember that regardless of your gender and culture, you occupy the same amount of space as everyone else. Do not limit yourself, do not be afraid to speak up, and do not mute your own voice (even when no one is listening). Do not allow yourself to react to the insecurities of others!
  2. Be true to yourself. Don’t apologize when you have done nothing wrong. Stand up for what you believe is right and defend your values and beliefs no matter what opposition you face.