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Interview with Megan Kelly, Manager

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Although it is hard to ignore the impact of gender in the workplace, throughout Megan’s career she found that difficult situations that arose because of her being a woman in a male dominated profession were not frequent occurrences. While the field of litigation support can be quite contentious, she found that even during heated conversations, gender took a back seat. Megan began her career working with Darryl Neier, the former partner in charge of the practice group. He was fair in all their dealings, and never allowed her gender to limit her capabilities.     

A key observation

Throughout her career, Megan has built meaningful and trusted relationships. She established this network of women early on and it has provided her with critical professional and personal support over the years.  

Words of advice

Recognizing the power of her network, Megan’s words of advice to all women is to focus on building a great network and don’t hesitate to use it. Reach out – leverage your friendships – and do not allow yourself to be caught in a position where you are stuck on your own. No one needs to address the challenges – and even the great opportunities that arise – alone!