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Interview with Rebecca Fitzhugh, CPA/CFF,CFE, MBA, CIT

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As a leader in SobelCo’s Forensic and Valuation Services Group, Becky has worked on many complex legal engagements and has been in combative situations but doesn’t feel that she has experienced inequity based on being a woman.  Certified as a CPA initially, Becky then ultimately broadened and deepened her skills to pursue a meaningful role in the world of forensics.  Throughout her career, she has always been in a male-dominated environment and quite often has been the only female in the room, but most of the time she has not felt disrespected by her male colleagues.  

A key observation

While one might expect that being a female, or even the only female, assigned to male-centered projects could be intimidating, Becky has enjoyed a different experience.  In fact, sometimes attorneys would prefer to have a woman serve as an expert witness! Even more to the point, being a woman can be a hidden advantage in those instances where the opposing attorney underestimates having a woman on the stand. Adversaries should beware to being too dismissive. That opposing female professional is most likely ready to go toe-to-toe and emerge as the winner!  

Words of advice

Becky’s words of advice ring clear: be genuine. You don’t need to be ‘one of the guys’ or demonstrate characteristics that are not your own. You cannot lose when you take pride in your own self and your unique abilities.  

Rebecca Fitzhugh, Member of the Firm, Forensic and Valuation Services Group, SobelCo