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Emotional Marketing in Six Simple Steps


Nonprofit organizations of all sizes and across all niche sectors typically grapple with a clear and concise message that is effective at telling their story, making a connection, attracting donors and engaging with potential volunteers and other supporters.

Here are six steps that are essential building blocks for any nonprofit’s marketing plan.

Social Relationships Bring Very Specific Rewards

At NJBIA’s 5th Annual “Women Business Leaders Forum: Owning Your Success,” much of the discussion was centered on owning your power, owning your future, owning your success, owning your influence, and ultimately owning your relationships.

Throughout the day, the keynote speakers, the Ted Talk-style presenters and the session panelists all shared their experiences at owning their success.

The focus on building relationships hit home for me.

Key Insights Communication Plays in Building Trust in Businesses

At the February 19, 2019 Association for Corporate Growth NJ’s monthly breakfast meeting, BASF Corporation’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Chief Communications Officer, Robin Rotenberg, shared key insights regarding the essential role communication plays in  building trust in businesses of all sizes today.

Good communication creates good relationships. 

Politics of Work: 3 Simple Ways Men & Women Can Get Passed It

A quick Google search on the general topic of “the success of women in today’s workplace” turns up no less than 226,000,000 results. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of these articles quote statistics from surveys and studies done on the progress of women – and too often these tend to assume a dire tone, pointing out how slowly gender bias is improving, and noting the remaining presence of a glass ceiling, a significant pay gap, and documenting that women are exiting the workplace at greater numbers than their male colleagues.   

Rekindle Business Relationships

You may never have heard the expression, ‘dormant ties.’  I know that when I attended a session on building meaningful relationships recently, I had no idea what it meant. But an internet search turned up an interesting study on the topic that is worth sharing.

What are dormant ties?     

Now that Facebook and other social media sites are making it so simple to find old friends and reignite contacts, it just makes sense that technology would impact professional as well as personal interactions.

A Great Way to Win the War for Talent in 2018

Forbes Human Resources Council published an article in April 2018 entitled, The Best Weapon in the War for Talent May Be Your Brand, where the authors opened by stating, “Most companies invest heavily in compensation and benefits to win the war for talent, neglecting their best weapon: their brand.”