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Mindfulness as a Key Business Resource

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Mindfulness as a key business resource is growing exponentially in popularity.  And although it has traditionally been viewed as a tool in the corporate world, nonetheless it is just as important in the nonprofit community.  Those who work on the front lines with clients who represent some of our community’s most vulnerable population are prime candidates for stress!

Recognizing this challenge, what can you as a nonprofit leader do to mitigate the stress and change your own behavior?

  • Repeat affirmations of successes you have enjoyed.  If you are working with a family where the mom has been battered, make time to remind yourself of other similar situations where there has been a good outcome. Say it over and over to reinforce the power of a good memory. Call forward hopeful feelings in this way.
  • Use the positive reversal technique to turn the situation around and see it as you want it to be. Instead of telling yourself, “This situation will never improve” say instead, “I will find a way to improve this situation.”
  • Speak in the first person to remind yourself that you have ownership of your own feelings. Instead of saying to yourself, “You can do this,” try saying, “I can do this.” Make the responsibility for success yours and do what you can to change the results.
  • In a similar way you should also speak in the present tense when engaging in an affirmative conversation with yourself. “I can do   this” works better than “I will do this.”  The positive action should not be in the future, but should take place in the moment.   
  • Ground yourself in the moment to relieve stress; just stop thinking and instead be aware of how your five senses are reacting. Right now – consider what you are smelling, what you are hearing, what you are seeing, what you can feel and what you are tasting. Focusing on these impressions can help to clear your mind. 





Traci Blank, CPC, CMS-CHt, Founder of Tracing Your Path Hypnotherapy, shared these idea and many more on the Sobel & Co. nonprofit webinar entitled, “Harness the Power of Your Mind to Manage Stress.”  Click here to download Traci’s slides. For a recording of the webinar please click here.