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Protect Your Phone

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The words “Cyber Attack” bring chills to everyone who has ever had to face the dreaded circumstances of having their systems compromised. Whether it is confidential financial data, social security numbers, or passwords, it strikes fear – and for good reason. A shut down along with a demand for ransom further complicates the situation.

But did you know it isn’t just your desk top or lap top that be hacked?

As 2020 begins it is time for us to make a new year’s resolution to be more vigilant over our smart phones as the complexity of the attacks escalates. There are some easy steps that you can take to help keep your mobile devices safer;

    1. Traveling? Never use the hotel Wi-Fi network;  in fact, some Wi-Fi hotel networks are complete fakes
    2. To avoid your phone being hacked, never charge your phone with a charging station in a hotel room or by using any publicly available Wi-Fi
    3. Don’t sync your phone with a rental car
    4. Be alert to caller-ID “spoofing” scheme misusing the Social Security Administration’s phone number because it is NOT from a legitimate source; be aware
    5. Do not answer or reply to ROBO calls – even if the number looks familiar and is local to your neighborhood
    6. Protect your mobile number – it is one of the most common pieces of ID that hackers prefer; share it cautiously
    7. Be vigilant when downloading apps on your phone
    8. Check your settings and consider limiting access to your data and geo-location to ensure privacy
    9. Keep your operating system up to date by installing upgrades when they are available
    10. Set a complex password/code and don’t share it

Today’s smart phones grow more valuable and more sophisticated with every new edition. We all need to protect the huge amounts of data that is accumulated and stored daily in this small, hand-held device. Following a few simple tips can get you started in the right directfion.