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Cyber Security Threats in the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is just as vulnerable as any other industry when it comes to threats of cybercrime.  Carrie Straka writes in Cybersecurity in Food that, “the food and beverage industry is as susceptible to cybersecurity threats and attacks as any other industry. The need to secure corporate private networks and intellectual property is at an all-time high, as is the need to protect the food supply.”

Driverless Trucks:Option for Truck Driver Shortage?

For well over a year now we have been keeping an eye on the emerging truck driver shortage, citing several different reasons for the challenges facing the industry.

It is well documented that a trucker’s job is not viewed as ‘prestigious.’ The amount of time spent away from home can make the job seem unattractive (especially to younger drivers), and the benefits and pay may not be competitive enough compared to other career options.

Soda Taxes Impacting Grocery Retailers

For over two years we have been blogging and reporting on “soda taxes,” as it has been impacting grocery retailers across the country.  Philadelphia has garnered much of the attention over the months with its Beverage Tax, and as recently as August 21, 2019, Laura McCrystal offered an update entitled, “Philly soda tax: Here’s how much money it has raised, and how it's been spent.”  In this article she points out that the continuing legal challenges from the beverage industry are offset by the growing tax funds that were designated to be used in a “rebuild program” for improving Pre-K progra

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Focus on Changing the Retail Landscape

What is AI and why do retailers care?

AI – or artificial intelligence – has been garnering great attention across every industry sector for decades. While the origin of the concept goes back to the time of antiquity, the actual formal approach to the field of artificial intelligence rally had its start in the 1950s. While the comic book concept of artificial robots with human-like features may have been replaced with smart technology, the aurora and mystical qualities that surround AI persists.

More Soda Tax News

Over the last two years we have reported extensively on the progress of the “soda tax” concept from Washington to Philadelphia and all the states and cities in between! The passage of the Beverage Tax in Philadelphia was a significant shift in the battle for healthier habits, and now there is further news to share with you. The early impact of the Philadelphia tax on sweetened beverages has just been released in the September publication of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The message is not what those who supported the 2016 tax had hoped for. 

Grocery Store Trends: Gourmet Pet Food

Those who are paying close attention to current retail grocery shopping trends are most likely aware of the overall increase in gourmet-style pet food sales.  In fact, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that more than 4,500 new pet food products were introduced in 2017, up by 45% from 2016.  As might have been anticipated, most of these were in the high-end food category.

Tariffs and Grocery Retailers

What is a tariff and when is it employed?

A tariff is more or less a tax on imports (or exports, though this is less common). Tariffs are typically used for one, or sometimes both, of the following reasons:

Amazon Acquisition of Whole Foods Marks One Year Anniversary

You may recall that one year ago in August 2017, the stock prices of grocery retailers and wholesalers, along with the stock prices of pharmaceutical companies and drug chains, dropped in response to the  announcement of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods coupled with the rumor that the online giant was contemplating entering the pharmaceutical space next.

Twelve months later – Amazon continues to re-shape the retail world

Using Blockchain to Enhance Food Safety

There is hardly anyone left on the planet who has not yet heard the word “blockchain.”  For those who recognize the term but have little knowledge of what it really means, the Wikipedia definition is very straightforward: “a blockchain is a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.” Now does that make it any less confusing for you? Let’s take a deeper look.

How does blockchain work? 

The Constantly Changing Face of Grocery Stores: It’s Hard to Keep Up!

Over the months, we have written about the exciting trends taking place in the retail food space.  From drone deliveries, to offering craft beer and wine, to focusing on pre-packaged on-the-go solo gourmet meals. Companies that are deeply invested in the industry are digging deep to come up with competitive solutions to keep up with changes in consumer taste and demand.

We are sharing this new viewpoint as part of our blog series covering the evolution of the grocery chain in the United States.