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Veterans Eligible for New Jersey Property Tax Deduction

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The recent vote by New Jersey residents expands eligibility for a $250 property tax deduction to include all veterans – whether they served in a time of war or peace. This is a significant departure from the previous law under which the deduction was available only to those who served the country during a war. In addition, the property tax exemption now covers totally disabled veterans regardless of when or where they served.   

With a strong voice, 76% of all voters agreed to this change.

Eligible veterans who were deployed on active duty during a war time effort or who served during peacetime will receive property tax benefits. Here are determining factors to consider:

  • Veterans must be honorably discharged with active duty service during periods of war or peace
  • If the veteran is deceased, the surviving spouse may apply to collect the property tax relief benefits
  • Veterans, or their surviving spouses, must apply for the benefits at their municipal tax office
  • Veterans must own their own home
  • A completed application form and a copy of discharge papers (DD214) are mandatory
  • Disabled veterans seeking 100% exemption (which is available only on the primary residence) must provide verification of 100% permanent and total disability

A few words of advice

To ensure the smoothest process possible, here a few tips you can follow as you prepare to apply for the deduction or benefits:

  • Veterans eligible for the $250 deduction should complete Form VSS
  • Disabled veterans eligible for the total deduction should complete Form DVSSE
  • Veterans apply only once, but must notify their municipal tax office if something changes regarding their eligibility to ensure that they continue to qualify for the tax relief program per the Department of Community Affairs
  • Confirm in advance with your municipal government office to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork completed
  • Check the hours of operation and procedures for the location, especially taking into consideration the impact of Covid-19
  • The amendment is effective as of December 4, 2020
  • NJ Department of Treasury has announced that new forms will be available as of December 1, 2020

This is a much needed change as the number of veterans claiming the property tax deduction or benefits is expected to grow from about 172,000 veterans who claimed benefits in 2019 to about 229,000 veterans who will now be eligible.