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Well that’s a relief, now what?

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Congratulations! You survived the career fair, which I think is one of the more difficult stages in finding the right internship position for you. Hopefully some of my tips were helpful and led you to stand out from the crowd. Now comes an even bigger challenge - and that is differentiating yourself throughout the interview process. There are common tips that everyone else has read, but you aren’t preparing to be just like everyone else! So s approach this interview process a little differently and do some things no one else is doing:

Ask yourself this question- why are you a great “fit”?

Anytime I am talking to prospective internship candidates during their visit to our office, I immediately ask myself afterwards, “Would that person be a great fit for our team?” Understanding what makes you a great fit requires you to do your research on things like an organization’s core values. Be sure to focus on what personal characteristics and experiences you have that align with these core values. Aside from really making an impression by doing your due diligence before the interview, you’re most likely to leave the interview with the interviewer saying “Wow, that person would really be a great fit here.”

Candidate, be humble

I hope you got the Kendrick Lamar reference and do take our advice! I’m certainly not suggesting you breeze past all your accolades, excellent academic record, and diverse extracurricular activities. However, what does go a long way during an interview is speaking honestly about any type of adversity and how you’ve overcome that particular situation. These types of real world stories and experiences are ones that have prepared you for your internship and will certainly set you apart during the interview process.

By showing an organization why you are the best fit for the internship position, and being humble while doing it, you are sure to have success. As always, if there is anything I can do or questions I can answer, don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy interviewing!

Joseph Hunt, SobelCo