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You do not want to miss this nonprofit webinar!

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Every year the Center for Non-Profits publishes a report entitled, “New Jersey Non-Profits 2021: Trends and Outlook.” And, as a result, every year they gain profound insight from the results of their statewide survey which delves into the concerns, challenges, issues, and opportunities facing the state’s nonprofit organizations.

As in previous years, the 2021 survey responses yielded interesting and informative data as the participating nonprofits shared their experiences and reflected on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their own organization and on the nonprofit community at large. 

Metrics continue to play a key role in forecasting the future 

SobelCo is indeed fortunate that Linda Czipo, President & CEO of the Center for Non-Profits and Susan Merrill O’Connor, Director of Communication for the organization, will be co-presenting an overview of their key findings, looking beyond the numbers and sharing their observations. During this one-hour virtual event Susan and Linda will review and interpret the data they have gathered through this proprietary survey, drawing some valuable conclusions for all New Jersey nonprofits while also addressing expectations for evolving trends.

Staying informed helps nonprofits achieve their mission

The relevant information that is revealed in the Center for Non-Profit’s annual survey process serves as an essential aid and resource for nonprofits in their own strategic planning efforts as they communicate and connect with funders, policymakers, volunteers, clients, and the media.

Understanding the implications of the 2020 pandemic

“According to our 2021 NJ Non-Profit Survey conducted in February, most organizations reported moderate to significant disruptions due to the ongoing pandemic. The crisis has affected different organizations in profoundly different ways and New Jersey will need non-profits to get us through from recovery and beyond" noted Linda M. Czipo, President & CEO, Center for Non-Profits.

Be sure to register today and join us for this important webinar, to get the answers to your most critical questions.

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