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Employee Testimonials

Why should YOU choose SobelCo? Sure, you’ve poured over every page on our website, detailing our extensive array of services and niches, checked out our resource library, learned about our culture, our benefits and our training programs. But what do the people have to say about the place they call home five days a week? Read on to find out:


"I had a truly amazing experience working for SobelCo as an administrative intern.  As an administrative intern, I was responsible for organizing, scanning, and routing client information into a tax preparation system.  I came in with so many fears, such as not having enough experience in the field of accounting and not having any initial knowledge of different tax forms, but they so quickly disappeared due to SobelCo’s focus on personal and professional growth of its employees.  My many questions were always warmly welcomed and fully answered by anyone in the staff, including higher level employees and partners.  This gave me the confidence to learn in a hands-on environment – a CPA firm during a busy tax season – which I value more than what can be learned solely through textbooks.   SobelCo is a firm that most definitely cares for the progress and well-being of their employees, and I am proud to return as a tax intern for what I would deem the company of my dreams."

Nikki Wong
Intern/2016 - Audit Staff/Present

"This spring semester I had a part time tax internship with SobelCo, a certified public accounting and advisory firm located in Livingston, New Jersey. Everyone I worked with at the firm was kind and helpful. They were always willing to work with me or spend some time answering my questions, whether I was working on a tax return, needed academic advice, or simply had a question about the CPA exam.  In the role of an intern at SobelCo, I worked with anyone from staff to partners, and each interaction provided a meaningful learning experience. I especially appreciated having the opportunity to work on projects from start to finish. At SobelCo, I learned many valuable skills that I would not learn in a classroom and I built many great friendships that will last a lifetime." 

Stephen Satmaria

As a new tax intern at SobelCo during my first busy season, I was nervous what to expect. SobelCo from my first day made sure I was fully prepared with excellent training on 1040 and 1099 preparation. The experience and knowledge I've obtained from just one tax season was beyond my expectations. SobelCo is truly a culturally driven atmosphere like no other. From the staff all the way up to the partners, everyone was extremely helpful. As an intern, sometimes you think you would only be doing busy work, but that’s not the case at SobelCo They treat you just like an entry level staff member giving you a ton of hands on work to further your knowledge so you can grow not only as a team member, but as an individual. My first tax season at SobelCo was one that was memorable and I truly appreciate the opportunity I was given to work for such an amazing firm.

Joseph Colella

"Since joining SobelCo in October 2009 I have been strongly impressed with the high quality standards in place and the continued emphasis to always strive to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all we do.  The goal is not only to complete the job for our clients but to do it in the best way possible.  I look forward to going to work each day and working with true professionals, learning something new and developing others."

Liz Harper, CPA
Member of Firm and Director of Quality Control

"Above and beyond the resources available for growth and exceptional client service, SobelCo is a place where the staff is truly treated like the highest valued assets of the firm.  From the administrative staff to upper management, it is clear that each person is equally important to the success of the organization.    Since joining the firm, I have found that the people that I work with act as team players and are always looking out for each other.  I continuously see this translate into success for our clients, our personnel, and the firm as a whole."

John Mellage, CPA
Accounting and Auditing, Senior Manager

"My experience over the past three months at SobelCo has surpassed my expectations. I never imagined I would gain so much real life experience and knowledge during my time here. The summer began with comprehensive training and getting acclimated to SobelCo's audit approach. Along with three other interns I was shown the ropes by staff members who had once been in our position. Soon after I was given the opportunity to go out on client engagements and work as a valuable member of the audit team. I was able to see aspects of auditing that cannot be taught in a classroom. Over all, I see this internship as the perfect transition from college life to the business world and would recommend SobelCo to any peer wishing to start their career in public accounting."

Molly Bowness
Intern/2012 - Audit Senior/Present

"I started working for SobelCo in January 2001 and even these many years later I continue to be impressed with the embracing and supportive environment created by the partner group. Many firms claim to be like a “family” but ours really is. I can honestly say that the relationships I have built with many of the partners and upper level management team add a value to my job that is immeasurable. The ability to speak to anyone through our open door policy, the willingness of partners to act as mentors or development advisors, and the overall friendliness of the partner group makes SobelCo an incredible workplace to grow professionally and one that I am proud of to be a part."

Ellen Marvin
Director of Core Services Group and Operations Manager

 "In a few short years at the firm, I have had the opportunity to work extensively in many diverse fields including audit, tax, internal audit and fraud. The combination of working with friendly people from different backgrounds and getting to constantly experience new things has made my experience at SobelCo great."

Anthony L. Blasi, CPA, CFE, MS