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Internship Program

The Sobel & Co. internship program is designed to give students a comprehensive view of the inner workings of a medium sized regional accounting firm.

The intern will work on a variety of assignments throughout the internship, including audit, tax, consulting, and forensic accounting.

Life as an Intern at Sobel & Co.

Our interns have fun while learning on the job. Every intern has the opportunity to:

  • Attend Lunch ‘N Learn programs designed just for them.
  • Participate in social networking events.
  • Meet regularly with the firm’s senior partners.
  • Work as a team on a special project.

Sobel & Co. interns spend time on client engagements, working side by side with our staff, supervisors and managers as they learn new technical skills first hand and have the chance to interact with clients. We are pleased to combine having fun with a serious approach to a value-added professional experience.

Here is what our interns tell us:

My Summer Internship at Sobel & Co. exceeded all of my expectations.  I came into the first day nervous about putting everything I have learned through text books into the real world.  My fears were gone within days of working with this incredible firm. 

"I have read many articles and business related books that explain that all successful companies are made up of employees who get along and work well together.  I believe that the employees at Sobel & Co. are the perfect example of this quality.  From day one, every employee was welcoming, encouraging and helpful.  I never felt like there was a question that I could not ask.  From Junior-Level employees to Partners, I was able to talk to every employee at some point and learn valuable lessons.

The internship program at Sobel & Co. was especially great because we were always busy.  Every week I had to opportunity to go to a new client and work on 401 (k) audits and nonprofit organizations. The days that we were in the office we spent busily planning our event for the firm’s annual day of community service.  Balancing work at clients and planning our event helped strengthen my qualities of teamwork, time management, communication, and leadership and resulted in an amazing day with the children of Cornerstone Family Programs. 

I cannot think of any internship program that would have been more beneficial and enjoyable for me to begin my accounting work."  

- Cayleigh Gallagher, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"I was a tax intern at Sobel in the spring, and an audit intern over the summer.  Both experiences were very enjoyable and I learned so much more than I did in the classroom.  Over tax season I worked on various individual clients and was in close contact with partners and managers that reviewed my work.  The audit internship was quite different. I worked more closely with audit staff and seniors when I was at clients. I did a number of nonprofit audits and performed various tests for the audit team.  I feel I got a good amount of experience doing lots of different parts of the audit process.  When I was in the office I worked closely with the other interns, planning the day of community service in late July and fundraising for the charity we were helping.  I am glad I got to experience both the tax and audit sides of the firm and value the relationships I have begun to form with the employees I have worked with. Sobel has a very tight-knit feel to it, and I always felt welcome to ask others for help or advice.  The day of service and softball game I participated in were a lot of fun and helped me get to know the staff and seniors even better.  I would strongly recommend Sobel’s internships to another recent college graduate looking to gain experience at a CPA firm.  I found the structure to be educational and stimulating."

- Philip Saxon, BA, Drew University, MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"My internship at Sobel & Co. was everything I could have hoped for. I gained practical experience while working on different projects for clients in many different industries. I was in the office working just as much as I was out of the office working at a client which gave me a great feeling for the kind of work I will be doing once I graduate. From what I have learned, public accounting will be pretty similar if not the same at every firm; the big difference is who you work with and that is certainly the difference at Sobel & Co. There is not one person who isn’t willing to help you, which is something I truly appreciated. The best way to describe the firm is that it feels like a big family. The annual day of community service project that interns are in charge of organizing was definitely another highlight of my internship. Being able to see all of the hard work we put in come together to make a difference in the lives of others was a rewarding feeling. The decision to intern at Sobel & Co. is one I would make again in a heartbeat." 

- Joseph Hunt, Marywood University

"My internship at Sobel & Co. was a great experience and I learned a lot of valuable knowledge. All of the different tasks that I was assigned to work on gave me perspective into different aspects of the business and learn something new. The internship was more than just sitting in the office, I was able to go out to a few clients and learn hands on what goes into an audit. Working on the audits allowed me to apply what I learned in the classroom. In addition to learning about what is entailed in an audit, I was able to have several different meaningful conversations with staff members at different levels in the firm; from these conversations I got advice about taking the CPA exam, networking, and accounting in general. The people at Sobel & Co. genuinely care about each other and are very helpful."

- Erin Finan, Bentley University – Accounting & Auditing Staff

"Looking back, my Sobel & Co. internship was an amazing experience.  I can remember walking into the office on the first day nervously excited and not knowing what to expect.  However, all the Sobel & Co. staff members were extremely helpful and welcoming, and right from the beginning I felt at home.  Early on during my internship, I began working on meaningful client information as well.  I cannot even begin to describe how much I learned.  I was given the opportunity to work on and learn about a variety of clients including money-remitting companies, 401K audits, non-profit organizations and much more.   I also noticed that even as an intern, I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility.  The staff and partners at Sobel & Co. made sure that I truly had every opportunity to learn and gain as much experience as I could.

While this was all very beneficial, the best aspect of my time at Sobel & Co. was the employees, who made every day as enjoyable as possible.  Never before have I been able to work for a company where the people were so helpful, respectful, and willing to teach.  Every time I was in the field at a client, there was a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie between me and my coworkers.  This is a vital factor that contributes to the positive workplace that Sobel & Co. provides. 

I would like to thank everyone at Sobel & Co. for allowing me to have this incredible experience.  I am so glad to have been given an opportunity to work for such a great company this summer and I look forward to a future business relationship." 

- Joe Zapf, Ramapo College, Accounting & Auditing Staff


If you would like to considered for this valuable career-oriented experience, please email Molly Lockwood, Director of Human Resources.