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Staff Training

Good training is key to your success

A career with SobelCo will give you the chance to explore diverse business fields, continue to learn through training that includes company-sponsored seminars and workshops, earn new levels of responsibility in a short period of time and become involved with professional and community organizations.

Join us to ~

  • Explore a Range of Diverse Disciplines
  • Work Across a Variety of Industries
  • Learn Through Company-Sponsored Seminars and Workshops
  • Earn New Levels of Responsibility in a Short Period of Time
  • Become Familiar with Middle Market Businesses and Their Concerns
  • Get Involved with Professional and Community Organizations
  • Add Value to Your Colleagues and to Clients
  • Be a Part of an International Organization, PKF International, which has Member Firms Across the Country and Around the World

We have a sincere commitment to staff development, focusing our efforts on both the professional and personal growth of our team.

We have implemented two unique programs that have enabled us to build a strong culture that both nurtures and rewards our employees.

The first is Performance and Career Excellence (PACE), a comprehensive and cohesive development process that incorporates two key building blocks of professional success – competencies and contributions - with a natural annual performance cycle. Competencies and contributions work together to build an individual’s performance. Competencies are the enduring traits or characteristics of an individual that help determine job performance while contributions are performance results achieved when one applies his/her competencies. During the performance cycle, our staff sets annual goals with their Development Advisors, receives timely informal feedback, receives formal feedback on every job over 40 hours, checks in with the Development Advisors during mid-year, and receives a formal year-end evaluation. Click here to download the PACE Training circle (downloads a Word document).

The second initiative is Retaining Employees through Active Involvement Now (RETAIN), a continuous improvement process focused on staff retention. It is a process that helps us better understand the motivations and needs of employees and develop an action plan for addressing any retention issues that are identified. The goal of RETAIN is to help us proactively diagnose and address issues that impact staff satisfaction and morale.

Our staff benefits from excellent training opportunities – internal and external as well as local and national - in scope. To accomplish this staff participates in professional development programs offered by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institution for Certified Public Accountants, and other related sources. We also take advantage of the training programs that are available through our membership with Allinial Global. 

Leadership Training

One of our goals is to help build future leaders. To do this we augment the traditional technical skills training with special programs designed to enhance the building of “soft skills” which are so critical for good leadership. We conduct some programs internally while also enrolling our future leaders in highly structured leadership courses offered through Allinial Global.