We know that as business owners and senior leaders, you rely on your relationship with your most trusted advisors for fresh ideas, innovative suggestions, and smart solutions. As you collaborate with your accountants, you gain from their business acumen and access to expertise. Thoughtful business owners like you, and your senior managers, demand experience from your external partners in areas that include strategic business planning and tax strategies, risk management, cybersecurity, mergers, valuations, and much more.

The message is clear: we are professionals who will guide you over the years and throughout the decades as your needs evolve and your circumstances change.

We do this by applying consultative insights in combination with other traditional tools such as accounting, audit, and tax compliance services. We start with the relationship and expand to include every resource you need to succeed– and together we work to address the many challenges and exciting opportunities you regularly face.

We have the services you need and the industry expertise you expect – but we don’t define ourselves by either of those. Instead, we define ourselves by the strong relationships we build as we apply our skills and industry experience to each situation.

At SobelCo we understand your perspectives and concerns as a business owner. That is why we have spent almost 70 years working with, and guiding, middle market, privately-held/family-owned companies like yours. Since our inception in 1956, it has been our philosophy to focus on your success instead of on ours! Relying on our core values and a culture that promotes ethical and honest behavior, we are dedicated to adding value as we help you leverage past trends in order to anticipate and prepare for future successes.

We are especially proud of our philosophy and we believe it is what distinguishes our firm from all others. We live by the words of our social media handle, #NotYourAverageCPA, which demonstrates our commitment to embracing a holistic approach to client-centric service.

No two clients are the same. We know your company is distinctive and that’s why SobelCo avoids applying the same standard approach to every engagement.

Instead, we consider your sector and any emerging local, national and global industry trends along with taking a deep dive into your goals and objectives, your personal principles, your current business life cycle phase, your resources, your philanthropic activities, your company culture, and your internal and external relationships.

With a 360 degree view of the situation we are in a better position to offer the targeted, accurate, and relevant advice you depend on and value most from your trusted professionals.

Combining our technical skills in accounting, tax, and other essential specialty areas with our industry expertise and our consultative role, we are able to truly bring you the best of both worlds. We draw on your company’s past and current financial data and business circumstances as we help you shape a business plan designed to result in a sustainable, profitable future.

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