New Jersey sales-tax holiday on back-to-school items begins Saturday and runs through Labor Day.

The suspension of the state’s 6.625% sales tax on certain items runs for 10 days, from August 27 to September 5. It was approved through a new state budget that makes it an annual event.

The sales-tax holiday applies to both brick-and-mortar stores and online sales.

Tax-exempt supplies and equipment covered by the holiday include:

  • School supplies, such as pens and pencils, notebooks and binders
  • School art supplies, such as paints and paintbrushes, clay and glazes
  • School instructional materials, such as reference books, reference maps, globes, textbooks and workbooks
  • Computers with a price of less than $3,000 and school computer supplies, such as computer storage equipment, printers and personal digital assistants with a sales price of less than $1,000 per item
  • Sports or recreational equipment, including but not limited to ballet and tap shoes, baseball and hockey gloves, cleated or spiked athletic shoes, mouth guards, roller and ice skates, and sports and motorcycle helmets

For a full list from the state Treasury Department, click here

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