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PowerPoint Presentations

SobelCo professionals are frequently asked to speak at local and national industry and business programs, as well as at events we host within the firm. This is the place where you can access the presentations we have created, as well as those of a range of guest speakers from our conferences and seminars. We are proud to offer these PowerPoint presentations for you as a valued resource for your company.  

Building a Brand on a Shoestring Budget
PowerPoint/August 15, 2018/Sall Glick, SobelCo

The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: How Nonprofits Can Prepare
PowerPoint/February 13, 2108/ Mariana Moghadam, SobelCo; Linda Czipo, Center for Non-Profits and Helen LeFrois, Jersey Battered Women's Service

Harness The Power Of Your Mind To Manage Stress
PowerPoint/February 7, 2018/Traci Blank, Tracing Your Path Hypnotherapy, LLC

7 Fiduciary Traps to Avoid in Your 401(k) and 403(b) Plan
Power Point/January 30, 2018/Brian Gregov, AEPG Wealth Strategies

Individual Changes in the Tax  Cuts and Jobs Act
PowerPoint/December 27, 2017/Ken Bagner, SobelCo

Business Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
PowerPoint/December 27, 2017/Alan Sobel, SobelCo

What Not-For-Profit Should Know About Employment Law
PowerPoint/December 13, 2017/Vanessa Kelly, Clark Hill PLC and Melinda Lapan, HR/Advantage Advisory LLC

Research Donor Data for Better Fundraising
PowerPoint/September 13, 2017/Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder LLC

Protecting Your Clients from Fraud: Vendor Management and Due Diligence Programs
PowerPoint/March 16, 2017/ James Mottola, SobelCo and Dr. Kim Miller, K.E. Miller Consulting, LLC

The Donor Advised Fund: Changing the Landscape of Individual Philanthropy
PowerPoint/March 2, 2017/Margarethe Laurenzi, Community Foundation of New Jersey and James Sonneborn, Regent Atlantic

What Makes a Great Board Member?
PowerPoint/January 11, 2017/Linda Czipo, The Center For Non Profits

Nonprofit Leadership Today:  Expectations of Board Members in Attracting Philanthropic Investments
PowerPoint/November 9, 2016/Victoria Bixel, Semple Bixel Associates, Inc.

Navigating Your Career to Success
PowerPoint/June 16, 2016/Bridget Hartnett, SobelCo

Taking Out the Mystery of Your Nonprofit's Financial Statements
PowerPoint/June 16, 2016/Bridget Hartnett, SobelCo

Harnessing the Power of the Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship
PowerPoint/May 11, 2016/ Mary Jean Barnes & Bette Schultz, Dress for Success Morris County

A Framework for Facilitating Nonprofit Collaboration
PowerPoint/November 5, 2015/NESC

Record Retention It's Not Just Paper Anymore
PowerPoint/September 30, 2015/Rebecca Fitzhugh, SobelCo

Does Your Employee Handbook Violate The NLRA?
PowerPoint/September 28, 2015/Kenneth A. Rosenberg, Esq.

Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations
PowerPoint/September 8, 2015/Sally Glick, SobelCo

For Decades The IC-DISC Has Been Saving Companies Money - Why Aren't You Using It?
PowerPoint/October 30, 2014/Paul Ferreira, Export Tax Management, Inc.

The World Is Open For Your Business
PowerPoint/October 30, 2014/Brian Beams, U.S. Commercial Service

"The Single Most Important Indicator Of The Health Of A Nonprofit"
PowerPoint/October 22, 2014/Joan Garry, Joan Garry Consulting 

"Social Security Planning"
PowerPoint/February 20, 2014/Stephen Craffen, Stonegate Wealth Management

"Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard for Mission Driven Organizations"
PowerPoint/February 12, 2014/Mark Cutler, Ascendant Strategy Management Group

"Your Organization is Vulnerable: The Facts About Nonprofits and Fraud"
PowerPoint/November 5, 2013/Darryl Neier, SobelCo

"Leadership Development A Process Not An Event"
PowerPoint/October 24, 2013/Alan D. Sobel, CPA, MST, SobelCo

"Reducing Exposure for Your Company's Largest "Off Balance Sheet" Risk: Your Pension Plan"
PowerPoint/June 4, 2013/Kenneth Bagner, CPA, MST, SobelCo

"Don't Put All Your "Begs" In One Ask It"
 PowerPoint/May 15, 2013/Gerry Bellotti, Vice President, and Mary Alice Breuninger, Development Officer, Independent College Fund of NJ

"How Non-Profits Can Leverage Social Media to Drive Measurable Business Results"
 PowerPoint/February 13, 2013/Dan Lynn, Founder and CEO, GoodInfluence

"Bright Ideas"
Ideas from Non-Profit Symposium/January 16, 2013