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White Papers

Valuation and Commercial Damages

Incongruent Court Advice: Examining Fair Value and Fair Market Value Standards in Commercial Damage Cases Pursuant to Minority Claims

Integrating Dividends, Interest and Value in Commercial Damage Cases: Toward a Comprehensive Methodology

Global Business Outlook 2015

Religious Affiliation and Earnings

Retail Services

Cash is King:  Effectively Managing Cash Flow For Retailers

Swipe Fees are Causing Headaches for All

Nonprofit and Social Services

Nonprofits and Merger Activity

Making the Case for Cause Marketing:  Impact on the For-Profit and Nonprofit Communities

What Will Nonprofits of the Future Look Like: What's Coming in the Next Decade

Managing Donor Relationships: What Do Nonprofits Need to Know?

Crowd Funding: What All Nonprofit Organizations Should Know

Generational Differences In Philanthropic Giving

"So Volunteerism is Declining: Now What?"

Determining Fair Compensation for Your Executive Director:  What a Nonprofit Needs to Know

Firing the Executive Director: A Nonprofit Organization's Nightmare

In the Boardroom: Helping Nonprofits Thrive

Your Board Members Can Generate Revenue

A White Paper For Nonprofit Organizations: Understanding Cash Flow

Segregation Of Duties: A Critical Issue For Nonprofit Organizations Of All Sizes

How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Risk

Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization

The Balanced Scorecard: A Strategic Tool For The Nonprofit Sector

Succession Planning For Nonprofit Organizations: A Journey, Not A Destination!

Disaster Planning & Business Continuity For Nonprofit Organizations: Preparing For Disruption

Planned Giving: A Win - Win Situation

Budgeting For Nonprofits

The Impact Of Fraud On The NonProfit And Social Services Sector

Making A Case For Reserve Funds In The Nonprofit Sector

Shared Services In The Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit Board Governance: What Does It Mean?