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Owning a business has become more complicated as a result of all the regulations regarding how you create products, what you sell, and how you manage your employees. In fact, every component of your business is carefully regulated.  

At SobelCo, we offer solutions to relieve you of the challenges related to burdensome corporate taxation.  Our tax team is trained to delve into the complexities of these issues and provide you with the appropriate and most effective strategies.

We help with:

  • Optimizing corporate tax strategy
  • Reviewing your corporate entity setup to determine if strategic changes are needed
  • Maximizing tax opportunities (such as R & E Credits, Maximize the Domestic Production Deduction, IC-DISC Planning, Cost Segregation Opportunities)
  • Managing tax risk 
  • Reviewing and determining the appropriate corporate exit strategy 
  • Establishing if you have the best tax accounting methods available for your business (such as utilizing the best method for Fixed Assets, Cash vs. Accrual, Inventory Methods, Deferral Methods for Income)
  • Maximizing your pension strategy
  • Preparing an analysis to account for FIN 48 issues as well as deferred taxation issues
  • Providing a seasoned tax controversy team
  • Addressing risks and opportunities for state taxes
  • Leveraging the  credits, incentives and state/local programs that are available