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State and Local Tax

Our state and local tax group services large and mid-size business entities with state compliance and consulting services spanning many different industries. These services include:

  • State & local compliance
    The Preparation of state and multi-state tax returns and sales and use tax returns.

  • State tax research
    Our professionals research complex state and local tax issues.

  • Multi-state tax research and tax nexus studies
    Many businesses today operate throughout the country and understanding compliance issues can be a challenge. We research different state tax laws and prepare studies to determine if businesses have nexus requiring them to file in various states.

  • State corporate tax planning and risk review
    Our professionals will research a variety of questions such as: Do you want to incorporate in a state with minimum state tax impact? Is your business moving from one state to another? What is the state tax impact of that move? Planning on creating a distribution center in another state? How will that effect the business and the owners from a state tax perspective?  We then work together to prepare a tax plan to meet your needs. 

  • Tax audit and controversy service
    We assist you when state taxing agencies challenge you.

  • Reverse sales tax audit
    State tax auditors look for underpayment of taxes. In a reverse sales tax audit we look for overpayment of taxes in an attempt to find refunds.

  • Tax credit and incentives research and advisory services
    We will research available credits and provide guidance on how to obtain/apply these credits.


  • Accounting for Income Taxes and Deferred Taxes under (ASC 740)
    This is required under Accounting Standard Codification 740. Based on an understanding of your business and tax return we examine the difference that give rise to deferred tax assets and/ or liabilities we work with financial statement preparers to ensure you are GAAP compliant.