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Estate & Trust and Tax Planning

While SobelCo has the expertise to handle all of our clients’ corporate tax needs, from strategy to compliance, it is our commitment to deliver personal attention to each individual that really sets us apart.  

Most of you have faced both robust growth periods and bumps in the road throughout your careers as entrepreneurs and as owners or senior leaders in closely-held or family-owned businesses.   

Having been with you during your journey, we understand how hard you have worked to grow your company and to build your assets.  Your financial security, and that of your family, has always been a paramount goal through the years.  Establishing a strong financial foundation is key for you – just as is the preservation of those assets for future generations.

With that in mind we are especially proud of the SobelCo Estate and Trust Services Practice, which is comprised of a team of experienced professionals who always focus on you – your current needs and your future plans. We will never offer a generic solution, but instead guarantee a customized plan, supported by specific financial tools and resources, to address your unique situation with maximum results.

Along the way we will discuss a full menu of service offerings, including:

  • Estate and Trust Planning 
    (including Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, Sales to Defective Trusts, Grantor Trusts and Charitable Trusts and Annuities)
  • Gift Services Planning
  • Probating of Wills
  • Estate Administration
  • Trust Accounting
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Return Preparation
  • Preparation of the Income Tax Return of the Estate
  • Trust Tax Return Preparation
  • Preparation of Family LLPs and LPs
  • Pre-Death Estate Planning
  • Post-Death Estate Planning
  • Charitable Gift Planning

This comprehensive list of services further demonstrates the wide range of our capabilities. More significant, though, is our desire to serve you as seamlessly as possible with the sensitivity that you deserve as you consider the emotional challenges that often occur when dealing with estate and trust planning issues.