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At SobelCo we integrate our financial, strategic and economic expertise across a range of industries, to deliver accurate and defendable valuation reports.

Our professionals are called on to value businesses and their ownership interests for M & A transactions, estate planning, financial reporting, matrimonial dissolutions, partner disputes, buyouts, bankruptcies, stock options, litigation support and other interesting assignments.

Our analysts understand the methodologies, approaches and tools needed to value a businesses, while providing our client with a straight-forward, understandable reports.

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Corporate and Partnership Disputes

corporate and partnership disputes litigation accounting services

Shareholders, partners and owners of businesses sometimes find themselves in disputes with each other, investors and/or creditors. These disputes are often encountered due to the misappropriation of assets, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder oppression, and other illegal activities. Many times, these disputes can only be resolved when parties move in different directions, and most times this requires a valuation for settlement purposes.


Valuation analysts play an integral part in corporate and partnership disputes, by providing a third-party independent opinion. Our team is retained by attorneys to value controlling and non-controlling interests, as well as prepare rebuttal reports. We make it our priority to be well-informed of market trends, regulatory matters and case law when constructing our values.  

We can provide either a ‘Calculation of Value’ or a ‘Conclusion of Value’, depending on the need. In litigated cases, we recommend the ‘Conclusion of Value’, giving our clients a defendable report that can undergo intense scrutiny.

Recent transactions include:

  • Valuation of a 50% ownership interest in a food services company, pursuant to a shareholder oppression case
  • Valuation of a media distribution platform, pursuant to a shareholder oppression case
  • Valuation of a $50 million manufacturing company, pursuant to a shareholder oppression and breach of fiduciary duties case
  • Valuation of a $40 million steel/cable manufacturer
  • Valuation of a $90 million construction company, pursuant to a breach of contract claim
  • Valuation of a $15 million intellectual property patents, pursuant to a cross-border joint venture

Matrimonial Dissolutions

matrimonial dissolutions heading divorce services accounting

When a married couple is in the process of a divorce and needs to distribute their marital assets, our analysts are retained by attorneys or appointed by the Court to provide expert financial opinions.  


Working alongside our forensic accounting team we have the capabilities to dig into financial records and create a clear picture of the financial history, assets, income and standard of living costs. We are hired to find the hidden assets, verify income, trace documents, provide a lifestyle analysis and value business interests for divorce proceedings.

When a closely-held business is involved in the divorce, business valuations may be required to determine the worth of the business for equitable marital distribution. Our analysts understand the standards and premises of value, jurisdiction statutes and case law.


In litigated situations, we almost always recommend a ‘Conclusion of Value’ because it is the most rigorous and in-depth method of valuing a business and is supported with a detailed defendable report. All three valuation methods are required to be considered in this report (asset, income and market), and are coupled with our expert opinion.  

We understand that choosing an expert for a divorce case is an important decision, therefore we always do our best to provide our clients with a quick response time and ‘easy to understand’ reports. 

Recent valuation transactions include:

  • Valuation of a family-owned business both prior to marriage and at the inception of divorce proceedings
  • Valuation of a consulting company for equitable distribution.

 Estate & Gifting Valuations

estate and gifting valuations morristown nj accounting

Our professionals are experienced in calculating valuations for estate and gift tax purposes. We work alongside our in-house tax professionals and third party tax professionals to provide clients with a comprehensive valuation of the estate or gift.  


We are retained by attorneys to calculate the value of a gross estate for federal estate tax purposes. An estate valuation for tax filing is subject to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) review and it must meet the IRS requirements. Our professionals understand the IRS’ code for valuation and stay current with the methodologies, approaches, guidelines and laws. We perform valuations for closely held businesses, Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and partial interests.  

Recent transactions include:

  • Valuation of an estate valued over $10 million, which included a business, real estate, and real property
  • Valuation of an asset gifted to a child for succession planning purposes
  • Valuation of a class A (voting) share and a Class (B) voting share
  • Valuation of a closely held business


Shareholder and Partner Buyouts

shareholder and partner buyouts business sobel accounting

When one or more partners or shareholders decide to exit a business, they most likely calculate a value for that business in order to determine the buyout price. Shareholder buyouts occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to retirement, divorce, disagreements, and death. In some cases the partners and shareholders may have been proactive and established a buy-sell agreement at the inception of the business. If there is an original buy-sell agreement it should state a clear formula for a buyout, but if not, then a third-party professional valuation is most likely required to establish value for that business.  


When our professionals are hired for a buyout valuation, it is appropriate that the standard of value is agreed to and the manner in which marketability and control discounts are applied.

We are retained by attorneys and business owners to provide an independent business valuation for shareholder and partner buyouts because of our expertise in this area. We understand the complexities of various standards of value, ownership interests, marketability discounts, control discounts, premiums, industry studies and economic trends to formulate our value.

Recent transactions:

  • Valuation of a $9.5 million medical company, due to the retirement of a 50% partner in a partner buyout
  • Valuation of a $5 million food services company for a 25% interest buyout 


Mergers & Acquisitions

mergers and acquisitions accounting firm livingston

When a merger or acquisition is forthcoming, an independent valuation may be advised to support or refute a buyout price.  


It is common that a business owner believes the business is worth more than the buyer believes, and the buyer believes the business is worth less than the seller.  Most times this is a matter of negotiation between the two parties. For this reason, a third-party valuation is helpful in mediating an agreement between the two. When calculating a value for a company involved in a merger or acquisition many tasks are required including, but not limited to, a site visit, management interview, analysis of financial records, industry research, economic trends, methodologies, approaches, discounts, premiums and synergies.  In an M&A transaction, understanding synergies is critical and we work with the parties to ensure that these are properly recorded and estimated in the financial model.  

Our professionals’ extensive knowledge in this area, as well as their diverse corporate and financial backgrounds has opened up doors to a wide-array of M&A work for our team. 

Our M&A services include:

  • M&A Valuations
  • Spin-Offs
  • Pitchbooks for Capital Raising
  • Executive Due Diligence
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Equity Carve Outs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compensation Analysis

Recent transactions:

  • Pitchbook created for a spin-off business for sale
  • Valuation of a $30 million nutraceutical company for sale


Other Business Valuation Services

small business valuation services summerset county

  • Bankruptcy and Turnaround Situations
  • Employee Stock Option
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Equity Carve Outs
  • Blockage Discounts
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Lost Profits
  • Economic Damages

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