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To remain competitive, today’s corporate leaders must access dependable financial data to drive their business decisions. Our professionals help them understand the value of the enterprise as they evaluate their growth options.

We value businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the US for financial reporting purposes.  We are frequently recommended by our clients because of our personal approach and in-depth knowledge in this area.

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Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Valuations 

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Intellectual property (IP) refers to products of the intellect that have commercial value such as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images and ideas. In order to be recognized, intellectual property should create some measurable economic benefit to the business. Many businesses need IP valuations to determine the value for financing, tax purposes, pricing, capital budgeting, strategy, mergers, acquisitions, sales and litigation support. Our analysts understand the complexities of valuing such assets, therefore they are hired for their expertise and thorough analysis. When valuing IP, we utilize the most appropriate methodologies of valuation in accordance with intellectual property valuation principles.


Intellectual property is not the only intangible asset that we value. We also value non-compete agreements, goodwill, customer relationships, trade secrets, going concern, licensing and many other intangible assets.  

Early Stage Company Valuations

essex county accounting firm small businessValuing a business with no historical financial data is certainly no small task. However at SobelCo, our professionals combine the most widely accepted methodologies, take a deep dive into the industry and calculate an opinion of value. Although there is no perfect methodology, our professionals do their research to nail down the most appropriate value for the business. Some analysts say that valuing an early stage company is an art rather than a science, for there is no exact formula.


We focus on comparable transactions, discounted cash flow methods, leadership teams, exit strategies, assets, investment stage, supply, demand, profit earnings, growth rate and other unique factors that establish the basis for their opinion. When all of these factors are considered, then a reasonable value is calculated.

Most of our clients request an early stage valuation for equity investments from retail and high net worth investors, venture capitalists, investment banks and other financial institutions. Our early stage valuation services range from the seed stage through expansion and later stages.

At SobelCo, our professionals enjoy the challenge of being engaged in early stage valuations across a wide range of industries. Early stage valuations have become more prevalent and complicated, yet our team of professionals, which include PhDs, MBAs, CVAs, MAFFs and former investment bankers and equity traders have the skills on hand to create an early stage valuation.

  • Valuation, financial modeling and strategic advice for an early stage business geared towards a task assisting application
  • 409A Valuation for a technology company

Stock Option Valuations 

early stage company valuations small businessStock options are a form of stock-based compensation. Companies must determine and report the fair value of the stock options they use for compensation and therefore, a valuation is needed. Our valuation professionals have experience valuing stock options. When valuing options we look to the current market price of the stock, the strike price of the option, annual dividends, volatility, extrinsic value and interest rates.

ESOP Valuations

stock option availability sobel accountingAn Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an individual tax-qualified employee benefit stock bonus plan, designed to invest primarily in qualifying employer securities. Employees acquire, a stock of the company at a ‘fair value’ and then may become an owner of the company for which they work. The ESOP is subject to the Employee Income Security Act (ERISA), therefore our professionals are retained by attorneys, plan administrators, accountants and trustees to issue an annual ESOP valuation, which is required by law. The valuation calculates the fair market value of the ESOP shares in a company, and includes a per share value. This is accomplished by a thorough economic and industry analysis, which includes a company overview, customer base analysis, competition, marketing measures, management, personal and ownership interests. It also encompasses the historical analysis, cash flow adjustments and forecast analysis of the business.


Other Financial Reporting Valuations:

  • Fair Value
  • 409A Valuation


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