This white paper will emphasize the challenge facing nonprofit leaders as they establish an effective and efficient process for donor management and will focus on the critical issue of managing donor relationships.

Understand Why it is Critical to Maintain Good Donor Relationships

As grants, public funding and corporate contributions continue to shrink, nonprofit leaders are being called on to be more creative in their outreach as well as being consistent and strategic in their development initiatives. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics there is a clear trend indicating that at 72%, individual giving makes up the vast majority of contributions received by nonprofits as compared to 6% from corporations and 15% from foundations. Bequests round out the research at 7%.

Leading organizations have “read the tea leaves” and are now focusing much of their attention and resources on cultivating individual donors. This requires both patience and a commitment to building strong and sustainable relationships over time.

Acknowledging that strong donor relationships are essential, it is the role of every nonprofit leader to identify and prioritize revenue‐generating strategies for their own organization based on its own culture, its current and prospective donor base, its available resources and the competitive landscape.

Now is the time for every group, regardless of size, to roll up its collective sleeves and get to work!

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