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Preparing for an Audit
An audit takes place annually when your nonprofit’s professional auditors conduct a careful and structured process to confirm that…
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Shrink: A Major Retail Crisis
Despite the dramatic headlines in the media, shoplifting is nothing new. It is hard to believe, but the first…
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Employee or Independent Contractor?
The question of whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor has always been one of the more…


Since our inception we have provided services that help companies become, and remain, efficient by paying special attention to their growth goals, their philosophy, their culture, and their available resources.


Working in close collaboration with clients, our business advisory professionals ensure that they have the resources and information they need to respond quickly and efficiently to business pressure points and disruptions, while taking full advantage of emerging opportunities.


Each business faces unique circumstances. Analyzing what’s behind and beyond a financial statement is fundamental to our audit and assurance services.

Client Accounting + Advisory Services

Whether it’s an outsourced CFO, or back-office accounting and tax support, our clients rely on our expertise so they can concentrate on what they do best—managing and growing their businesses. We can continue to provide not only the functional and financial management support, but the personal attention clients expect and deserve.

Employee Benefit Plan

We audit employee benefits plans, but that is just where the process starts, not where it ends. It is our ability to help our clients and their employees with a broader philosophy that really adds the most value.

Forensic + Valuation Services

We maintain a distinctive approach to forensic and valuation services that enables us to serve as an invaluable resource for a wide spectrum of industries. We employ a multi-disciplinary business methodology that combines financial, accounting, investigative, valuation, appraisal and advisory services.


However complex the tax requirements and the regulatory environment may become, our goal for organizations and individual clients remains straightforward: to minimize obligations while maximizing opportunities.

Sobel Tinari Economics Group

Selecting the right expert to value damages is critical to proving and calculating economic loss. The economists and analysts at the Sobel Tinari Economics Group (STEG) are leaders in assessing economic damages and providing professional, clear, and concise expert economic valuation services and testimony.