The clear-eyed, detailed guidance from our integrated accounting, tax, and advisory professionals pays dividends in a highly scrutinized industry inundated with compliance and regulatory concerns.
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When change is constant, it’s good to have support from advisors with 20-20 foresight. The SobelCo financial services team devotes time and resources to staying abreast of complex tax compliance and regulatory environment developments. We’ve earned our stripes by handling these issues for many business leaders, including broker dealers, asset management companies, hedge funds, venture capitalists, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), private lending companies, and private equity funds. As trusted advisors, we can offer the support you need in financial reporting and filings, compliance risk, assessing tax implications for investors, state-of-the-art technical expertise, market intelligence, and more.


Industry Acumen
The breadth and depth of our experience within financial services and our long history of working with various types of investment funds and companies enable us to offer up-to-the-minute, market-savvy advice.
Path Finders
Our highly accomplished team is laser-focused on how a changeable regulatory landscape will affect you and your investors and arriving at a strategy that can delineate the road to future success.
Multi-Disciplined Methodology
We combine business advice with audit and assurance services to give you a unique advantage. And we take pride not just in our audit, accounting, and tax skills but in our commitment to accountability, independence, and transparency.
Close Collaboration
As a middle-market firm, we can deliver the hands-on, personal attention more commonly associated with smaller organizations.

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