A clear and accurate picture of what a business is worth arms decision-makers like you with a valuable tool in your arsenal as you consider short- and long-term decisions and strategies for planning and sustaining future growth and profitability.
What is a business valuation?

Simply stated, a business valuation is “the act or process of determining the value of a business enterprise and the ownership interest therein.” But that definition is deceptively simple. An independent, professional business valuation is a proven financial tool for entities that range in size from small privately-held businesses to large and well-established corporations.

Sobel Valuations, through its predecessor firm EAC Valuations, has had assignments around the world and across the street. We have completed more than 14,000 appraisals for clients ranging from multi-national, multi-billion-dollar Fortune 100 companies and financial institutions, to privately-held, local manufacturing and services companies. Our qualified, certified and experienced appraisers exceed expectations for a wide range of appraisal needs meeting IRS, FASB, IFRS, USPAP, and FIRREA requirements.

Throughout all these experiences, the Sobel Valuations practice has maintained a 100% commitment to providing decision makers with a valuation report they can rely on when making short- and long-term decisions and establishing strategies for sustaining future growth and profitability.

Upholding that promise is how we have developed and sustained a reputation for our competence in conducting business valuations and appraisals for decades. Whether considering tangible or intangible assets, we understand the needs that drive business valuations for both small, entrepreneurial, closely-held business and large public companies. As a result, we have developed a distinctive one-stop-shop approach that brings efficiency, confidence and convenience to our clients. We make this happen by bringing together the experience, skills and services necessary for every situation. We assist clients with a business valuation but at the same time we can appraise anything from stocks to real estate to patents to machinery and more, giving our clients a fully integrated approach that is unparalleled in the profession. As such, for almost fifty years, our professional team has been recognized as premier providers of highly credible valuations and appraisals.

We are often asked when, or why, should a company seek a business valuation or an appraisal. There are many answers to this question! The wide variety of reasons for commissioning a professional business valuation cover many of the principal issues that span the life cycle of all businesses. For example, banks may be reviewing machinery and equipment or real estate as collateral for a loan, while the business owner may require a valuation for insurance placement, buy-sell agreements, deferred compensation, estate planning, tax, litigation, or succession planning.

Of course, a mature business or public company will have a very different set of drivers to prompt the need for a business valuation, but the underlying need for accuracy and transparency is present in every situation.

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