The term Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is most commonly used to describe the consolidation of companies, or assets, through various types of financial transactions. When the parties are negotiating the terms of the deal and are seeking a fair financial solution, both parties rely on a consistent and honest assessment of the value of the business.

Accurate assessments to support M&A initiatives are essential in every industry sector, in companies large and small, whether privately-owned or publicly-held, and we are proud to have a well-earned reputation for having cultivated a robust range of valuation capabilities.

Monica Kaden, Managing Director Forensic + Valuation Services, brings her broad and deep experience in the healthcare area to enhance and expand the firm’s existing real estate and machinery and equipment expertise. Monica specializes in:

  • Valuing medical practices for acquisition and sale, including private equity offers
  • Preparing valuation reports that comply with specific health care laws specific to healthcare transactions, agreements and compensation, including the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law
  • Serving as a financial expert in litigation matters regarding health care matters; has qualified as an expert in healthcare litigation matters
  • Valuing pharmacies, dental practices, imaging centers, and more
  • Valuing urgent care centers and ambulatory surgery centers for acquisition and sale purposes
  • Valuing management service agreements and professional service agreements, and physician compensation for compliance with laws and to ensure at fair market value
  • Reviewing private equity offers received to consult whether a good deal or not for physicians

Our valuation professionals are well versed across all sectors and are prepared to help every client with all of their valuation needs. 

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