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At SobelCo, we maintain a distinctive approach to forensic and valuation services that enables us to serve as an invaluable resource for a wide spectrum of industries in the United States and globally. We employ a multi-disciplinary business methodology, combining financial, accounting, investigative, valuation, appraisal and advisory services.
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Forensic + Valuation   Articles
2022 Healthcare Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions
VMG Health, a thought leader in the healthcare field, recently published its 2022 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Report which...
Forensic + Valuation   Articles
A Business’ Best Friend (BFF) – a Strong EBITDA
Many businesspeople who are involved with deals and acquisitions know that a company’s “EBITDA”, the well-known acronym for Earnings...
Back to Basics: Valuation Credentials and Reports
Valuation can be an important tool for a business owner for many reasons, such as:    1.       Estate and gift tax...